Year 2022 in GoodRequest
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January 30, 2023

Year 2022 in GoodRequest

Tomáš Lodňan
Tomáš Lodňan
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How was 2022 in GoodRequest? Summarizing 365 days in a few lines is always a challenge. However, I tried to note everything worth mentioning.

TL;DR 2022:

  • The team grew by 28 great people.
  • We have worked on more than 50 projects.
  • We have 21 new partners.
  • We achieved a turnover of 4.2 mil. €.
  • We shared 33% of the profit with the employees,
  • We received the Via Bona award - Responsible small/medium-sized company,
  • 4x awarded projects.

A year full of meaningful and groundbreaking digital solutions

During 2022, we've deployed many new projects for the users. The results of our design team's work can be seen in the website redesign and digital strategy of one of the most famous and prestigious magazines in the world, Forbes, for 3 countries , the JaguarFox website design for MaxSport , or the creation of a visual identity and website for Systeming.

We brought news in the form of mobile applications to users of the Fitshaker online gym , employees of the KIA, and customers of Benzinol pumps .

We also put into operation the information system for the leader in the field of communication services - Paradigma and the internal information system PayMap from MAZARS , the internal project management tool Athena for the Cybersecurity department of MAZARS UK, the architectural documentation management tool Planshelf with the partner Extrude

Our long-term projects also received updates during the year, such as Tatra bank mobile banking , applications for the food delivery and an application for the Slovak Football Association. Of course, Innovatrics must not be missing either, within which several projects are constantly being worked on.

This year too, our partner family grew, in addition to a number of interesting domestic projects, we also looked beyond the borders. Our team has several interesting projects underway, we'll give you more info soon 😉. We are grateful for the trust of our long-term partners. At the same time, we are looking forward to every new project, which together will make life easier for users.

Achievements and awards

Our projects have been successful for a long time, and this year was no different, which we are sincerely happy about. The most awarded project, of which we are a part, clearly belongs to mobile banking Tatra banka, which last year defended the title of banking application of the year in the NAY TECHBOX, Smart Banka competition and also won first place in the ranking of Global Finance magazine in the categories " The Best Consumer Digital Bank in Slovakia for 2022 ” and “ The Best Mobile Banking Adaptive Site in Central and Eastern Europe for 2022 (Consumer) ”. We were pleased when an award partner also appreciated our cooperation in this way, as part of the Tatra banka Top supplier days 2021, we won 1st place in the Customer Experience category 🏆.

Our apps were also awarded in the popular Slovak competition 4ka Android Code In the categories Shopping and sales, they won first and second place . The first place belonged to the app, followed by the NAY app . We are happy with every success, be it smaller or bigger, working on meaningful and responsible projects has always fulfilled us the most.

This year was mainly about people

"You can fit good people everywhere.” - it is not different here either. Our team grew by 28 people year-on-year, which was also helped by our bootcamps in the iOS, Backend and Design teams, which 18 people went through. It takes a lot of effort and work, but it's definitely worth it 💪. People are the most important thing we have at GoodRequest and we make no secret of that, which is why we are happy that despite the growth we have maintained an excellent NPS score.

A year of teambuilding

We are happy together. That's why we enjoyed a lot of time together after the pandemic break. As a GoodRequest and also in individual teams. It was great to have fun together, get to know each other and in many cases see them live for the first time.

We started the team building season with a 20 km raft of the Little Danube , where about 50 of us met. The weather was perfect, although the flow of water did not bring any excitement, but some crew members managed to take care of it 😅.

At the end of the summer, the crème de la crème of our teambuildings, a.k.a. GR8 Days, awaited us. Almost a hundred of us met in person at our biggest event of the year. After so many well-performed performances throughout the year, each of us deserves a proper rest and fun, that's exactly what our GR8 Days are about - a lot of sports or leisure activities, good food, rest and a hand up 😀.

GoodRequest is getting old and so are we. But we are not sad. Thanks to this, the number of children, stories we can talk about and new opportunities where we can meet 😄 is also growing. That's why we prepared Mikuláš for the first time. The participants of the event were enthusiastic and we definitely recommend you to try something similar at your place, we will definitely repeat it 💯.

Of course, the event schedule must not miss our traditional Christmas party, which we once again indulged in personally after two years of online gatherings 🎉. We celebrated together the end of another successful year. We summarized, mentioned and revealed plans and news for next year. But above all, we had a lot of fun until late at night in our favorite Pancha Skybar 🕺💃.

Bratislava, here we come!

Another important milestone took place during the summer. After long weeks of preparations, we opened a new office in our capital city . This means that you can visit us in fourth place after Žilina, Liptovský Mikuláš and Košice.

We are moving forward and increasing quality

Our industry is evolving dynamically and it is important to keep up with the times in order to provide our clients with the best possible service. That is why we continuously invest a lot of time in education, it is important not only to build, but also to maintain a team at the World-class level.

The forms of education were different, we tried sharing knowledge between teams, during the implementation of a database workshop by the Backend team for QA or the first internal conference - Frontend Days . The innovative platform of our Web team must not be missing either . In addition to the technical teams, we did not let up in management either, where consultants and coaches were devoted to us, helping us improve our leadership and processes.

Where you could see and hear us everywhere

We like to learn and we like to pass on our knowledge. We got the word out in technology and business podcasts: Fuckups in IT , Face to face or Diagnóza podnikateľ. We shared our experiences at the largest Slovak IT conference CodeCon, the global UX event World Usability Day and the Startup weekend in Žilina. Of course, we couldn't resist the events that are close to our hearts - hackathons, specifically you could meet us at and Kiraton. We compiled our recommendations for creating successful digital products into a checklist that was published in Forbes.

If you are also interested in our other mentions, you can find them all on the subpage about us .

We like to help and we helped last year as well

All of us at GoodRequest know how lucky we are and believe it's important to share it. Here you will find out how we did in 2023 👇

GoodRequest Academy

Through the academy and its activities, our most experienced developers and designers pass on their knowledge to all who aspire to a career in IT.

This year, within the academy, we managed to open 2 competitive assignments, 2 internships and 3 bootcamps and participate in a number of lectures at schools or as part of our own initiatives in the community. Overall, our activities in the field of education have touched hundreds of Slovak talents, which makes us extremely happy.

Kindness activities

Throughout the year, we support charitable activities, especially those that engage and help in the field of education and socially unpopular topics. This year we managed to help 12 initiatives - financially, materially, humanly or through pro-bono projects.

At the beginning of the year, we pro-bono created the website, which mediated immediate health care for people from Ukraine. Since the beginning of the year, our designers have also been working on the redesign of the website for OZ CestaVon, which will soon see the light of day.

This year in our team was marked by setting the right priorities. Instead of our joint skiing trip, we preferred to support the initiative "Who will help Ukraine" and also donated our Christmas gifts to the budget of the League for Mental Health and the Educate Slovakia project from AIESEC Slovakia. I am really happy and proud that we can help and make the world a better place.

For these activities, we also received great "feedback" in the form of a rare award from the Pontis Foundation - victory in the category Responsible small/medium-sized company, Via Bona Slovakia 2021 . We really appreciate this award and it still gives us immense joy and motivates us to continue meaningful activities in the future 💙.

What awaits us in 2023?

We look forward to joint challenges in 2023 🙌

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