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Perks & Benefits

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Here are couple of our benefits or perks if you want :)


Financial benefits

We will motivate you to achieve not only professional, but also personal goals.


Tech equipment

Whether you are a team Android or a team Apple, we will provide you with the technical equipment of your choice.



Everyone is unique, so we will allow you to reconcile work with your individual lifestyle.


Personal development

Make the most of your talent and potential and we will help you acquire skills and knowledge.


Sports and health

We will support you in achieving physical and mental balance through sports activities and education.



So that we are not only good colleagues, but also friends, we organize several unforgettable events!

Team & culture

People-driven. In everything we do.

A team of talented engineers & designers based in central Europe, on the mission making world human-centered through design and technology.


“You can have anyone around you, let's call them, 'pro' developers, managers or designers, but if they lack responsibility and teamwork, they can't perform well. Each of us approaches the project as an opportunity to prove something meaningful, not just a product to deliver. That's why we think about the assignment and add something extra.”

Dominik PethöiOS developer

"Thanks to GR and the people here, I have been living the most beautiful period in recent years. And it's not just a job. It's "just" the common denominator of all of us. That's why it's very important that new people feel the same way I do after a few years."

Maroš NovákHead of design & engineering

"At GoodRequest, we're like family. We get along great, we go to parties together, we deal not only with work issues but also with personal issues, and we can complement each other well. We always find the right solution together."

Tomáš VrabčekHead of Projects & PMs