From idea to long-term growth

We approach digital products as our own, not as a one-off deal. We create solutions that are viable, effective, grow incrementally and create value for customers, users and the entire society.

Our work process

Product discovery

We identify and define the problem that the product is intended to solve; the result of this phase is a clear understanding of the problem, the users' needs and the potential solutions, on the basis of which design and development decisions are made.

Definition & Validation

We improve the product idea and validate it through user testing and feedback. Together, we create a product plan that ensures success in the market by aligning the needs of the users and the target market with the business goals.

Design & Development

We deal with design creation, technology implementation and quality assurance so that the product meets the needs of users and has no defects. The result is an end product that meets the requirements and specifications.

Growth & Optimisation

We monitor performance and user feedback and make the necessary adjustments to ensure long-term product growth, improve and optimize performance, and increase customer satisfaction.

Our services


Definition and validation of the product

GoodRequest product team

Do you want to create a product that people will love? The best products are created by combining human needs, the right technologies and business. First, we focus on understanding the target audience and your business goals.


Design and Research

GoodRequest Design services

Our certified UX/UI designers will help you understand your users’ needs. We talk to your users, analyse data, perform a UX audit of the existing product and do testing. Based on the insights, we create a user experience or modify everything necessary for each digital platform on which you build the product.


Mobile and web application development

GoodRequest development team

We are a team of experienced developers, analysts, testers and product managers. Since 2013, we have delivered more than 200 successful mobile and web applications. We build applications tailored to the needs of your business and users, provide the perfect experience and build on a secure and stable architecture.


Scaling and optimisation

The process does not end with implementation. If we want to remain the market leader, we have to be proactive. Together with our customers, we constantly optimise the system and implement improvements.

Turn your idea into an MVP concept

“GoodRequest has broaden our focus from “web redesign” to understanding digital strategy as a whole thing. During their showcase workshop we explored several different ideas on how we might improve. We’ve got convinced in 2 hours.”

Adriána HeglasováHead of Online, Forbes

Why GoodRequest

What makes us special

Our partners come first

We are a sincere and stable partner you can rely on.

We take responsibility

We take responsibility for the product and avoid problems.

We go the extra mile

We think beyond the order and deliver more than standard.


"They often knew and solved the problem before we knew about it. You can see that they love their work and care about the results."

Peter ŠvaralCo-owner & CEO, Fitshaker

"GoodRequest has been passionate, focused, and responsive to the client. The project's rating in the app store has been continuously improving alongside the customers' satisfaction. So far, they have been able to provide a quality workflow."

Lukáš MochňákHead of Mobile banking department, Tatra banka

"We approached Goodrequest with a request to take over the development of our mobile application, which was before completion. After a few weeks from the beginning of the collaboration, the guys started coming up with ideas that we can use today to provide our clients with comfort when using the application. We are glad that the cooperation did not remain only with the original intention, but switched to cooperation on the creation of the product itself."

PharmDr. Jaroslav KušnírE-commerce manager, BENU

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