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A team of talented engineers and designers based in Central Europe. We're on the mission making human-centered world through design & technology. We build digital experiences for brave and innovative brands.

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since 2013.
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Our story

Founded in 2013 from award-winning startup.

In 2013 founded by 5 founders of award-winning startup called Trashout. GoodRequest starts writing its own story as a digital studio.
Goodrequest hackathon presentation
Goodrequest Christmas Party Maros Novak ios developer
Goodrequest human resources Katarina Weisova
Christmas Party Goodrequest Tomas Podmanik
Goodrequest christmas party 2018
The story - Present

Trusted by global,
innovative brands.

A few years ago we were trusted by global brands like ZSE, Tatra banka, Jaguar, Reiffeisen, Ringier Axel Springier, Nay, iKROS and more. We put our heart and strongly believe in human needs into products we build.
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Lead by example

We take the lead, and lead by example; we initiate the change we want to see in the world and accept no other approach.

Build to last

We build to last; sustainable technology to save the world not only for us, but also for future generations.

United like Manchester

We do all of this united, caring for each other, achieving results together.

"GoodRequest is a team of people who are not looking for excuses, but solutions. We have common goals and we do not care only about ourselves, but we care about the things we can achieve together. One feels here accepted as he/she is and feels support and sincere interest from colleagues."

Goodrequest Nikola Knapcova
Head of Finance
Nikola Knapcová

"Every application, website or system we work on makes sense. When we create, we think out of the box and we don't design solutions aimlessly. We always think in a broader context. I'm proud to do things right, not simply."

Goodrequest Martin Durny Backend Developer
Head of backend
Martin Durný

"You can have anyone around you, let's call them, 'pro' developers, managers or designers, but if they lack responsibility and teamwork, they can't perform well. Each of us approaches the project as an opportunity to prove something meaningful, not just a product to deliver. That's why we think about the assignment and add something extra."

iOS Team Lead Dominik Petho Goodrequest
Dominik Pethö

"Working in GoodRequest is great, it's like working with family, trying
to move forward and creativity unite us. You just look forward to work every day."

Business Manager Martin Macik Goodrequest
Head of Business
Martin Macík

Giving back
to community.

We believe that no matter size, the company should be socially responsible and help how they could. That's why we teach at schools, lead design workshops and support organisations.
zaDesign events by Michal Sleziak from Goodrequest
Goodrequest CEO Tomas Lodnan presenting at University in Zilina
Goodrequest Michal Sleziak (Head of Design) with LBStudio Michal Blažej
Goodrequest Lead Designer Michal Sleziak with Michal Blažej
Goodrequest Christmas Party
Goodrequest employees Richard Solar and Nikola Knapcova
zadesign logo
Our own design community organising workshops & meetups for designers
& digital creators.
Kotlin logo
As an establisher of the official Kotlin user group, we organise Android meetups for the local community.
Figma logo
We've established official Figma user group in Slovakia. Providing Figma supervision for locals.
Sapie logo
We're a proud member of the Slovak association for the innovative economy along with companies like ESET or Google.
As a partner of Faculty of management science and informatics we teach & provide guidance on faculty.
IT kraj logo
Together with other IT leaders in Zilina, we're driving IT innovations at schools and in the whole region.
Since May 2021, we are a member of a group of fair companies that care about digital services in Slovakia. We are mainly involved in the field of mobile development and community.
Platform for university and high school students. We provide students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge in practice.


Want to go fast, go alone. Want to go far, go with us.  We wouldn't get that far without people-first leadership.
CEO Tomas Lodnan Goodrequest
tomas lodnan
CTO Marek Spalek Goodrequest
Marek Špalek
COO Tomas Podmanik Goodrequest
Tomáš Podmaník
Goodrequest Nikola Knapcova
Nikola Knapcová
Business Manager Martin Macik Goodrequest
Martin Macík
HEAD OF Business
Android Team Lead Jozef Knažko Goodrequest
Jozef Kňažko
Head of Android
maros novak ios developer in goodrequest
Maroš novák
Head of ios
Goodrequest Martin Durny Backend Developer
Martin Durný
Head of Backend
Design Team Leader Michal Sleziak Goodrequest
Michal Sleziak
Head of Design
Roman Kralik QA leader at goodrequest
Roman Králik
Head of QA
Peter Reguli
HEAD OF Frontend
Tomáš Vrabček
Head of projects
Katarína Weisová
head of PEOPLE

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