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Bistro.sk - Biggest food
delivery in SK/CZ

Design, Android, iOS, development
Ringer Axel Springer SK, a.s., turned to us to work on their food delivery platform Bistro.sk. Our task was to cover mobile app development for both iOS and Android platforms.
2x First place
4ka Android code
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4ka Android code
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4ka Android code


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KIA 360 - evaluation tool

Design, Android, iOS, development
We’ve built 360 evaluation tool that increased employee engagement by more than 19%. The overall result is a significant shortening of the filling time and an increase in the quality of the feedback.



ZSE Drive – e-mobility

Design, Android, iOS, development
We've created a complex product, including backend, frontend and design as well as a mobile application for iOS and Android platforms. In the design process, we tested the product with users directly in the field at charging stations.


stations connected under one platform


active users

“ZSE is cooperating with GoodRequest on several projects. We can say that GoodRequest is moving our company forward. We are proud to work with a dynamic, agile and highly efficient company.”

Head of Corporate Development, ZSE
Radoslav Markuš

“You have a different view of the world than we do. It's great that you're giving us feedback. I feel a lot of creativity and passion in your work. From our point of view, it's great that you are very flexible and you can respond quickly to our requests.”

Product manager, innovatrics
Roman Urban

“Web looks great, I think we can all be justly proud of it and we can aspire to the price of the most beautiful Slovak web of a developer, as we agreed upon when starting cooperation. Thank you for the nice work to everyone who participated in its creation.”

Project manager, Reinoo
Roman Petro

“Our Android apps already existed when we started working with them, but they helped us redesign them and create new features. This resulted in improved user retention rate and also improved Play Store ratings. In general, for both of those platforms, our monthly active users increased by more than 50% in the last 12 months.”

Project Manager Mobile Apps & Eshop, Nay
Martin Úradniček

“GoodRequest has broaden our point-of-view from “web redesign” to understanding digital strategy as a whole thing. During their showcase workshop we explored several different ideas on how we might improve. We have got convinced in 2 hours.”

Head of Online, Forbes
Adriána Heglasová

“Their mobile app development skills were amazing. They knew everything about UX and execution. Since this was our first mobile app. They are patient and dedicated to walking us through their process while we are learning. They delivered their own ideas and improvements.”

CEO SFZ Marketing
Roman Halačka

Fitshaker - the largest online
fitness centre in Slovakia

Design, Android, iOS, development
We have been working with Fitshaker since 2018, during this time we created a new and modern website, stabilized the pressure on customer support, created a TV app and a mobile app for iOS and Android.


support tickets decrease


active fitshaker

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Fingera by Innovatrics.
Attendance system of the new generation.

Design, Android, iOS, development
With attendance management system Fingera, you can conveniently monitor your working time within the firm and on the go. Get an overview of your attendance activities directly from your smartphone or check your location when recording entries with geolocation.

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Contact our Head of Business Martin directly or via form and get a free consultation.

Any questions?
Get free consultation.

Contact our Head of Business Martin directly or via form and get a free consultation.
Client list

Other honoured

Improving the user experience, creating a scalable and consistent design system for the most read business portal in three countries - Slovakia, Czechia and Hungary.
We have developed mobile applications for the digitization of promotional leaflets of supermarkets and hypermarkets for almost 40 countries around the world.
We provided design and frontend development for the advanced digital product PayMap, focused on the processing of payroll documents across countries.
Jaguar Land Rover
After winning JLR Hackathon for Smart City Transport, we have collaborated on analyzing and designing internal tools for innovations and security processes.
Together with a leader in the field of communication services, we work on the design and development of an internal information system.
Customers of the popular gas station network use an application whose design and native development for iOS and Android applications was created in GoodRequest.
Challenging attendance management systems developed with one of the best players on the world's biometric scene.
The application that covers many practical features that makes invoicing easier for the leader on the economic software market.
We have been creating UI / UX design and developing apps for the biggest real estate portal since 2012.
JRK Slovensko
Ecological solution for smart municipalities. The main goal is to analyze and evaluate the degree of sorting based on the collected data.
Winter vacation planning will never be the same thanks to iOS & Android applications. They have been very popular since the release and took first places in the download rankings.
United Classifieds
We have been creating UI / UX design and developing apps for the biggest real estate portal since 2012.
Mobile app solutions for one of the biggest players on electromarket. Our journey started in March 2019 and we have developed app solution for Android and iOS.
Close cooperation with Reinoo company who is dedicated to the development of office buildings, residential units and property rent.
Mesto Bratislava
Web design and development of two projects for greener Bratislava. We have proudly worked on ECO initiatives "10 000 Stromov" and "Bratislavskí susedia".