Creating a consistent digital experience for Fitshaker, the largest fitness community in Slovakia

We have been working with Fitshaker since 2018, during this time we created a new and modern website, stabilized the pressure on customer support, created a TV app and a mobile app for iOS and Android.

You will learn:

  • How we managed the development of a TV application for the first time
  • What it is like to have 3 platforms under our roof
  • Why all the decisions are based on user research and user needs
  • Why we alternate SCRUM and SCRUMBAN


In 2014 Lucka and Peťo brought a fitness centre to every household. They wanted to help all the women who cannot go to their favorite classes at the fitness centre. Whether they are busy moms, pregnant, students or women from places without the opportunity to exercise or those who do not want to expose their curves to the public.

Fitshaker, the largest online fitness centre in Slovakia, has been bringing you online training with professional trainers into the comfort of your home already for 7 years. Thanks to this, tens of thousands of women can exercise regularly and take care of their health.

"We want every woman in Slovakia and the Czech Republic to exercise regularly and eat healthily"

Peter ŠvaralCo-owner & CEO, Fitshaker


Being in charge of a product, which is used by tens of thousands of women in different age categories, on different devices and platforms with the idea of long-term growth.At the time when the market is full of online fitness training, trainers or influencers; it is essential to keep moving forward and offer something that users will not find anywhere else. At GoodRequest, we create tailor-made products based on user, client and market standards.

The first steps led from Wordpress to a tailor-made website


The Fitshaker website was created on wordpress, which is a good tool for smaller projects. From a certain point, we were not able to grow and implement user requirements anymore. The solution was a tailor-made website.

UX research and design

The first step in creating a new website was user research. We started with an analysis of the old website, processed analytical data from 5 years of use, and conducted in-depth interviews with users, to identify needs and issues when training with Fitshaker. We have enriched the research with the experience of the clients and employees. We applied the research results in creating the website design. To make the website easy to use, we tested several prototypes with Fitshaker users. Through ongoing testing, we have made sure that we have processed all user needs and removed the identified faults on time.


After a year and a half of web development, the deployment time has come. The old website shut down just before midnight, which started 3 days of deploying the new website and solving the first mistakes. During the deployment of the new website, we had to deal with questions and suggestions from surprised users. We have solved up to 980 complaints! :) It was 3 demanding days full of work, nervousness, expectations, but also fun, laughter and mutual support of the whole team.

“Behind the scenes”


At GoodRequest, we think of the needs of all Fitshaker users, including users of the admin interface. Adding blogs, recipes or exercises on a daily basis is time-consuming. Based on the requirements of the Fitshaker team, we therefore created an Admin environment, which simplified this process and significantly shortened it.

How we created a TV android app for the very first time ‍


After the stabilization of the website and the creation of the Admin, nothing prevented us from continuing the project. Based on the needs of the users, we started to create a TV android app with the client. We used a web application to ensure the consistency of key functionalities across all the platforms. At the same time, we had to think about the native elements of the TV interface.



We had no experience with the design and development of TV applications, development is not easy, there is no standard language, each manufacturer has its own coding language, its own operating system, and we had to choose.


We learn from mistakes:

Unfortunately, at the beginning of the process, we spent more time learning new skills at the expense of more market analysis. As a result, a TV application was developed and it covered only 10% of the market. We learned quickly, and the active cooperation of the entire team of project managers, analysts, designers and developers ensured the successful delivery of the product on time.


Mobile applications with a clear plan


At GoodRequest, we strive to meet the needs of all users and provide the best user experience. As the number of users grew, so did the number of requests for mobile applications.

UX research

In order to verify the real interest in the mobile application, we carried out a survey on the needs, problems and goals of users. We were able to get more than 3,000 responses. We found that women not only exercise at home, but that they want to exercise in the office during a break, or in the park, or in the nature. They would like to listen to educational videos from Fitshaker while driving. The survey confirmed  that if we want to grow in the market, we must create a tailor-made application for our users. Therefore, we initiated a workshop where we were with the client, Fitshaker employees and users. Together, we used a brainstorming method to gather ideas for the application's features, and then created an MVP - the minimum viable product that contained the most essential features in the application when it was first released.

3 platforms under GR's roof

Website, TV and mobile application have demonstrated the great scalability of the project. It includes a database of videos, live broadcasts, a blog, an e-shop and an admin interface for each of these platforms. All of these platforms use a common API - an application programming interface created at the beginning of the project. As a result of creating one quality API, each change is reflected on each platform. In this way, we have achieved the consistency of the Fitshaker ecosystem. However, with each small change, we think about what the platform is capable of, and how it will affect the entire product.

Using user testing for the right solutions

The goal of GoodRequest is to satisfy users, clients and market standards. Before developing, we need to make sure that our solution provides the best user experience. We try to ensure that each new functionality is tested with users before development. User testing is a suitable method to verify hypotheses and decisions. By testing the prototype, we find out how it is used, how users perceive the proposed changes, and what problems they have in use. We will then incorporate the findings and continue development.

Scrum - Scrumban - Scrum - Scrumban - Scr…

At GoodRequest, we use modern workflows and adapt them to the needs of the product. The condition for achieving high product quality is a correctly chosen work procedure.


At the beginning of the cooperation during the development of the new website, we worked with SCRUM. We have long considered SCRUM to be a first-class project management tool. Scrum is an agile project management process where people can solve complex dynamic problems while delivering products with the highest possible value to the user productively and creatively. We worked in 2-week sprints, where we focused primarily on one goal. While working with SCRUM, the pressure in the project environment is much lower, the people in the team know what their role is, and the client knows how the process works, and does not give us new tasks.


Immediately after the release of the new website, the number of people in the team decreased to less than 6, we switched to SCRUMBAN. SCRUMBAN does not have a time limit, it is a kanban style process that offers us much more flexibility. It is an open, smooth process in which all added tasks have their order of priority. Thanks to Scrumban, we are able to respond and implement changes at any stage of the project.

The biggest success? Stabilization.

We consider the stabilization of the new website to be the greatest success of our cooperation. The data is collected correctly, thus obtaining valuable data on the use of the website and its functionalities. Pressure on Fitshaker customer support has dropped significantly. When deploying new features or deploying a subpage about the new Fitshaker challenge, most employees don't even notice that something is going on.


Another success is certainly that by going to a tailor-made website, we did not spoil the position of the page in the search, which is decided by SEO (search engine optimization). Wordpress is ideal for setting up SEO, but that can't be said for a custom website where it's more challenging. We did not manage to fall one position lower in the search.

"They often knew and solved the problem before we knew about it. You can see that they love their work and care about the results."

Peter ŠvaralCo-owner & CEO, Fitshaker

What’s next?

There is no stagnation, we must continue to grow. From the beginning, we make sure that all user data is stored correctly for the future Fitshaker ecosystem. It will provide an individual exercise plan for each user based on their characteristics and needs, such as health or leisure time. With the growth come other peripherals such as smartwatches. We want the user to be able to practice with Fitshaker anywhere on any device.