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"I was really surprised by how GoodRequest dealt with the Tipsport and Slovnaft branding specifications. The approach they used to handle this project was very creative not only in terms of design and development, but they brought some innovative ideas to the project as well."

Richard Lintner portrait
Prohokej (Tipsport Liga)
Richard Lintner

"The guys from GoodRequest prepared a beautiful and efficient mobile application for iKROS. They made the invoicing for iOS really simple. I appreciate the cooperation, in particular, their professionalism, and good ideas. We are looking forward to the next coop."

Vlastimil Kocian Kros
Board member at Kros a.s.
Vlastimil Kocian

"At GoodRequest, they think beyond the client's specifications. They bring suggestions and solutions to parts that the client did not consider. They always put a lot of experience, knowledge and their own recommendations into the development."

Project manager on
Marcel Kocifaj
Our team

85+ designers, developers, analysts & product managers.

"Thanks to .gr and the people here, I have been living the most beautiful period in recent years. And it's not just a job. It's" just "the common denominator of all of us. That's why it's very important that new people feel the same way I do after a few years."

Senior ios developer
Maroš Novák

"People are the most important to GR. Not just on paper. It's an everyday practice. I would like everyone at work to take this approach, which is not a matter of course at the moment. I think that is one of the reasons why young people work here as they can pass on something extra to the company and move forward not only themselves but also others."

QA Team leader
Roman Králik

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Questions you
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What separates GoodRequest from other agencies?

At GoodRequest, we do not have clients, but partners. We create products and services together so that the partner is part of the whole process. Since its start in 2013, we have been trying to learn, improve and work with bold brands on innovative projects. We perceive the product we are working on as our own. We care about it and we want it to be successful. That's why we try to deliver more than expected, we think about the assignment and together with our partners, we want to push the boundaries. Ours and theirs. Above all, however, we are human-centered. We create products with people in the first place, for users whose quality of life they improve. We care that our work makes sense and that its results help make the world a better place. If you want to know what solutions we are writing about, try to check our projects. Most of them are long-term, in the Appstore and GooglePlay highly rated and built on modern technologies.

What is your specialization?

The projects we work on reflect the areas we specialize in as a company. We focus on UX / UI design, development of iOS and Android native mobile applications and development of web solutions. You can find more about individual industries and specific projects in the Services section.

How much does it cost to hire you?

The final amount of the project depends on the scope, level of difficulty and complexity of the solution. Until we get to the price offer, it is necessary to go through the process of getting to know the scope and nature of the project. Thanks to the expectations, possibilities and requirements, we will be able to prepare documentation and the offer based on which you will be able to make a decision. If you are interested or have questions, please contact us.

What process of work do you have?

Each project is unique. Unique goals, user group, budget or time frame. We always adapt the process to the needs of the given project. However, it is always human-centered. We design solutions to meet our partners' goals, end-user expectations and bring value. That's why we always start with analysis. We investigate the problem, collect data, define client and user requirements. Subsequently, we propose a solution for a given problem, create a prototype and test hypotheses on real users. We get feedback, evaluate it and iterate until we meet the requirements. When the design is done, we start developing. Development takes place in small (2-3 week) iterations. Small product increments are tested in the process and gradually deployed. But that's not the end. We constantly monitor data, listen to users, improve and optimize.

What is your team structure?

Currently, GoodRequest consists of 5 departments - Android, iOS, UX / UI, Web development and Management team. According to the characteristics of the project, they enter into implementation in various phases.
Analysis: Technical Analyst, Business Analyst
Design: UX designer, UI designer
Development: SCRUM master, developers, product owner, QA
Deployment: DevOps Engineer, QA
Optimization and SLA: QA, developers, DevOps

Here you can find more about us.

Do you do branding & UX design?

Our team of designers specializes in digital products. Part of our work is also the creation of identity for digital products or services. However, we feel the best where we can improve the user experience - in UX design. Most of our design work consists of data and user analysis. We talk to users, do research and testing. We form hypotheses, create wireframes, prototypes and we test. Within the limitations of the project, we tune the user experience to the last detail. We create a nice but also functional design. You can find more about design in GoodRequest in the Design section.