Tatra banka - a digital guide for children in the world of finance TABI

We are a technology partner of Tatra Banka, and together we are developing an innovative mobile application, TABI, for iOS and Android. This app makes learning about finance fun for children by offering educational games as well as real banking functions in a safe and intuitive environment.


  • Client: Tatra banka
  • Project type: native mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Services: frontend mobile application development, backend middleware, testing, analysis, project management
  • Year: 2023 - present



Tatra Banka, a member of Raiffeisen Bank International Group, is the most innovative bank not only in Slovakia but also in Central and Eastern Europe. Tatra Banka is a leader in asset management, corporate, and private banking, having received over 200 awards from 30 different organizations. Through its innovations, Tatra Banka has consistently made life easier for its clients and contributed to creating exceptional customer experiences.

Partnership based on trust

We are a strategic technology partner

Our collaboration with Tatra Banka started in 2019 with mobile banking, which later expanded to other collaborations like the annotation platform Adam's School and the Čítačka application.

After a series of successful projects and awards, we were invited to participate in Tatra Banka's tender for another ambitious project - TABI, a mobile banking app for children.

"I most appreciate that you don't hesitate to challenge us. If something contradicts quality, you point it out. That moves the whole product forward." 

Marek LavčákHead of User Experience Design, Tatra banka


Launching a pioneer product

Numerous studies have long shown that Slovakia lags behind the European average in terms of financial literacy. This was also confirmed by Tatra Banka's strategic research, which identified two key needs: a financial management tool and a platform for financial education. These insights inspired the development of a innovative banking application that is specifically designed for children, addressing their needs and those of their parents.

The application guides children through the world of finance from the first moments they start managing money, helping them form basic financial habits an early age. It provides tools for safe banking and financial education at an age when children are most open to learning. It also creates a space for parents and children to build a positive relationship with finances.

We are especially pleased to have contributed to the creation of this groundbreaking digital solution, aligning with our vision of developing meaningful and responsible digital products that add value and advance society.

Additionally, the banking market is highly penetrated and characterized by high client acquisition costs. Thanks to long-term relationships with clients, banks can ensure loyalty, and these young clients can eventually become more profitable customers. Based on these insights, Tatra Banka identified a unique opportunity to secure a competitive advantage. This approach creates a significant foundation for the bank's future growth and stability.


From concept to MVP in 6 Months

Right at the start of the project, we faced the challenge of developing a functional product within six months. Thanks to close collaboration with the Tatra Banka team, we met both the client's expectations and user needs.


Flexibility and Scrumban were key elements that allowed us to maintain a fast pace while ensuring high product quality and safety. Lessons learned from previous projects helped us manage the MVP development process efficiently.

Technical analysis

Maximizing project success

Through thorough breakdown and clear definition of each requirement, we better understood the client's expectations, anticipated potential problems, and designed effective solutions. This helped us avoid potential complications in delivering the product within the ambitious deadline or in later development stages.

Investing in technical analysis provided significant added value by:

  • Increasing efficiency,
  • Improving time and cost estimates,
  • Reducing uncertainty and risks associated with project planning,
  • Increasing client satisfaction,
  • Ensuring smooth project execution,
  • Providing a solid foundation for future software maintenance and testing.


Improving financial literacy

The application introduces children to the world of finance in a unique way. Thanks to the TABI guide, which teaches children how to handle money, it encourages them to save and inspires a responsible approach to finances. The educational part of the application is accessible to everyone, not just bank clients, offering financial education opportunities to all children.

The application was developed in collaboration with experts in child psychology, game and 3D design, and financial education, ensuring that its content and functionality are understandable, engaging, and motivating for children.


The app creates a stimulating environment where learning is a natural part of game. Within the app, children follow a story that is connected to various game elements, encouraging learning and reinforcing acquired knowledge.



Activities are designed to entertain children. For correct solutions, children earn virtual currency that they can use to buy upgrades for their digital companion, TABI.

Child finance management and security

Integration with the main banking app

The product aims to meet the needs and expectations of both children and parents. TABI app offers educational features and, combined with the Tatra Banka mobile banking app, provides real financial management options for children.

Our task was to extend the main banking app with a parental zone, where parents can activate banking services for their children. Parents can also monitor financial transactions, set limits on payment cards and online transactions, and receive notifications for each of their child's transactions. The app also provides useful tips and tricks to help parents guide their children toward a responsible approach to money.

If a child doesn't have a Children's Account, parents can quickly and easily open one through the Tatra Banka mobile app.

Integration into banking systems

Security first

Banking systems are the heart of financial operations, requiring strict security measures to protect against a wide range of cyber threats. The mobile application communicates with the bank's system through backend middleware, ensuring seamless communication between applications while strengthening the bank's infrastructure against potential threats.  

Performance and penetration tests

An essential aspect of security and quality is regular penetration and performance testing, which the app successfully undergoes from the client side. These tests simulate attacks on the application to identify and correct potential security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.


Enriching collaboration

Our successful collaboration on the TABI project was built on mutual trust and strategic partnership with Tatra Banka. High availability and continuous product development were our priorities throughout the project, enabling us to respond agilely to change requests and new features while meeting deadlines.

Intense collaboration with the Tatra Banka team proved to be highly productive, thanks to a high level of professionalism and a fair approach. We are proud of what we have achieved together and look forward to future collaborations.

"Throughout the project, you have always been willing to go the extra mile when circumstances required it. I am glad to have had the opportunity to see your high level of professionalism in practice and your ability to approach challenging tasks in an efficient and systematic manner."

Tomáš KomorníkProject manager