30. Jun 2022Insight

GoodRequest: Winner of the Responsible Small / Medium Business category, Via Bona Slovakia 2021

For the 22nd time, the Pontis Foundation has awarded responsible and inspiring companies as part of the Via Bona Slovakia initiative. A total of 38 companies applied for the award in seven categories.

We are sincerely grateful, happy and proud that the award within the main category Responsible Small / Medium Business went to GoodRequest.

Awards in this category regularly belong to companies whose proactive approach to responsible business is unique, comprehensive, responsible and beyond the law requirements. Not only towards the market, but also towards employees, the environment or the community.

What did we get the award for?

An expert and independent panel evaluated several criteria and conditions. The victory in the Responsible Small / Medium Business category was thanks to several activities which we do regularly and for a long time.

Foto: Marek Mucha

GoodRequest Academy

The initiative that most interested the panel is our unique GoodRequest Academy concept. In it, we try to make it more attractive for students and those who see their future in IT and simplify the beginning of their careers. This concept includes activities from lectures in schools and as part of our own initiatives in the community, through competitive assignments for students, workshops and internships to an intensive paid learning program. Experienced developers and designers are active throughout the initiative. After graduating, they are able to start working full time.

Kindness a community

We direct our support - in the form of financial, material or expertise help to projects in the field of education and community. At the same time, we realize that we are more fortunate than many who face the problem of living with existential problems or living in excluded communities. Therefore, we take it as a form of responsibility to engage in these areas as well.

Build to last & United like Manchester

It is not difficult to transform the company's values into practice if they are formulated on the basis of what the company lives and thrives for. At the moment, we strive to create solutions within the design and creation of mobile and web applications that are meaningful, care about user experience and stand the test of time. All this with regard to our employees, who can grow, learn, operate in a transparent company without any gender or other stereotypes.

Although we do not pursue awards in our work, it is a great feeling and confirmation to get this form of feedback on activities that we consider meaningful and sustainable. We respect it and we continue with determination!

Barbora LinekHead of Marketing