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What do we get by combining cutting-edge technology and an experienced team? Award-winning products that make users life easier. We're proud to develop one of the best mobile fintech experiences for clients from banking and accounting.

Tatra banka - mobile banking member of Raiffeisen Group

Design, Android, iOS, development
We have a big augmented team working on TB mobile app which
has won several awards for best mobile banking UX.
7x Nay techbox
bank application
3x Smart Bank by
Price of sympathy -
Smart bank 2022
Place in the CX category
Appstore rating with 6.8k reviews
Active users per month
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“During the entry level workshop, we explored several different ideas how might we improve. We’ve got convinced in 2 hours.”
Head of online, Forbes
A. Heglasova

User Experience

UX is no longer a novelty, but an essential element of any good fintech platform. Users expect a hassle-free digital experience and aren’t afraid to switch providers if the platform doesn't deliver.
Understanding users' needs goes a long way towards creating a product they will want to use, and will allow you to move your product forward or make necessary changes.
Our certified team of designers will help you find the most valuable user insights and identify their problems, allowing you to work on features and user journeys that your customers will appreciate.

Our experience

Synthetix –  improving UX and customer journey of staking app

The aim of our cooperation is to redesign the staking web app based on a comprehensive user survey and thus improve the overall user experience.

Biometrics & Digital Onboarding

Fight financial crime, money laundering and identity fraud with advanced customer identification that fulfill the stringent requirements of the KYC process.
Digital onboarding provides users with a seamless experience from the first interaction with your app to operations such as account opening. In turn, digital onboarding effectively reduces fraud and protects your money and reputation.
Need technologies such as identity data capture and authentication, face matching, liveness detection and biometric identity management? Our team has extensive experience implementing third-party solutions used by global companies.

Our experience

Innovatrics DOT

Design, Android, iOS, development
We've created mobile apps for the iOS and Android, which integrate all key technologies offered within the DOT package and thus provide space for their demonstration.
"We are proud to work with such an agile, dynamic and effective team. The guys have surprised us not only in development and design but also in their active involvement in product creation. "
Business Unit Director, Innovatrics
Daniel Ferak


Gamification is popular among businesses and users for its ability to shape behaviour
unnoticed. Let people interact with you through games and easily achieve your business goals.
Boost user engagement, flow, focus, learning, conversions or ease of use of your product by interacting with you through games and get insightful data.
Every interaction with a customer or employee can help provide insightful data on where the user is spending their time, what activities are generating interest.

Our experience

Annotation Tool – chatbot learning platform

Design, Android, iOS, development
In the form of a game, it helps to process tens of thousands of historical chat records into structured databases for the chatbot. The activity of players is supported by a gamification model, the basis of which lies in gathering experience, achieving levels and receiving awards and rewards.


Of all support tickets resolved by chatbot


Don't let attackers misuse your personal and financial data and your customers' assets, and keep customers and your reputation safe with comprehensive security solutions.
We and our apps have successfully passed multiple security trainings and penetration tests from Citadelo, a certified security agency trusted by powerful brands in the fintech world.
SOACP The built-in compliance standards include security, atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability, which is a set of properties to ensure reliable database transactions.

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Why us

Certified, awarded
& recognised team.

User Research and Testing Certificate
We have user research
certification by Slovak User
Experience Association.
Design Thinking Certification
Certified Design Thinkers by international Interaction Design Foundation.
Design Sprint Certification
We're certified by Slovak User Experience Association to
facilitate design sprints.
4.8* average
rating of our apps
The average rating of our iOS apps in the Appstore is 4.8*. In other words, 96% of users love our apps.
Our mobile and web teams have
been trained and certified by
Citadelo, a certified security agency.
Certified team
of testers
We are certified by the internationally recognized authority ISTQB.
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“During the entry level workshop, we explored several different ideas how might we improve. We’ve got convinced in 2 hours.”
Head of Online, Forbes
A. Heglasova

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