Head of Business

Martin Macík

Do you need to deliver an IT project? I know where to start! Just drop me a message.

martin.macik@goodrequest.com+421 908 837 627
Martin Macík

Selected work

We build digital experience that generates business value.

Creating a cutting-edge mobile banking experience for the leader in banking innovations Tatra banka


active users per month


App Store rating with over 15.6k reviews.


points in NPS user score


Innovatrics DOT

We've created mobile apps for the iOS and Android, which integrate all key technologies offered within the DOT package and thus provide space for their demonstration.


top-ranked facial biometrics

iBeta Level 2

accredited liveness detection

<1 min.

for live verification

Annotation platform by Tatra banka

AI-driven chatbot learning platform




chats per month


FEIEA Grand Prix in category Best Game Changing Internal Communications Strategy. 


Association of Internal Communication in the Online/Digital category


“They use the latest technology, are constantly learning and are not afraid of challenges. I felt their energy and desire to work on the project from the beginning. At the same time, I would highlight their reliability, which is key for me. If there is a problem, they know about it and solve it before I even notice it. They have my great admiration for this promptness.”

Peter ŠvaralCo-owner & CEO, Fitshaker

"Their dedication to the project is impressive. We clearly felt, that thay think about this project as their own and so they were comming up with their own ideas and solutions."

MUDr. Andrej VondrákProduct owner, Izotopcentrum

"GoodRequest has been passionate, focused, and responsive to the client. The project's rating in the app store has been continuously improving alongside the customers' satisfaction. So far, they have been able to provide a quality workflow."

Lukáš MochňákHead of Mobile banking department, Tatra banka
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About us

What makes us different?

100% in-house

We can build whole experience from idea, MVP to big solutions. We have large, scalable, in-house team consisting of designers, developers, project managers and QA testers.

Data driven

We don’t rely on guesses, instead we test & validate everything during the process. We make decisions based on research and data.


No matter what we do, we put people in the center of the process. We listen to their needs, emphasise and learn from them.

Custom tailored team

We work in cross-funtional teams build on client’s specific needs. Example of a team composition - desinger, developer, product owner, QA tester and client stakeholders.

Working in agile sprints

Our certified PM use scrumban metodology to manage our projects. We work in 1-2 weeks sprint. We have track record full of huge project from multiple industries.

Amazing collaborators

We invite you to be part of the team. Together with us, you will co-create ideas on workshops. All our work can be done 100% remote.