7x Figma plugins that make designer‘s and developer‘s life easier
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April 1, 2021

7x Figma plugins that make designer‘s and developer‘s life easier

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It has been a while since our team uses Figma. At the time when we were thinking about a change we often encountered frequent outages. Since then we have noticed that Figma is constantly getting better. It's definitely a great replacement of Sketch.Some time ago we launched plugins in Figma in order to help and simplify the work of designers and developers.

You can find the plugins directly in Figma under the Plugins and install them from there. The advantage is that you don't have to search and download them from external sites as it was in Sketch.In this article we have 7 TOP Figma plugins for you which we use and are worth trying at least.And in this you can meet our UI & UX process in 8 steps.

Unsplash Figma plugin

unsplash figma plugin

Nice design and pictures go hand in hand. Certainly you have already searched for your design. It is not always easy and it is often a lengthy matter. It takes a while to find a thematically appropriate and high-quality image. The Unsplash plugin ensures that you have images available directly instead of searching them through various portals. It allows you to download free photos directly to Figma from the largest free Unsplash database.Availability: Unsplash Figma plugin

Autoflow plugin

autoflow figma plugin

As designers we always try to create ordered flow screens with many frames. Alternatively, we try to create a tree structure the so-called flow of the entire design.It is a lengthy process.With Autoflow you simply mark two frames from which you want to create a flow. Finally, confirm with one click and it is done.Availability: Autoflow Figma plugin

Brandfetch plugin

brandfetch figma plugin

Are you tired of time-consuming searching of corporate logos on websites? Brandfetch will save you a lot of time.Enter the URL of the company which logo you want to use to the plugin that will generate it for you afterward.Availability:  Brandfetch Figma plugin

Figma Stark Plugin

stark figma plugin

If you ever had some problem with recognizing the right color contrast ratio, you will appreciate the Stark plugin. You simply mark two overlapped layers and the plugin evaluates by algorithm whether the color contrast is ideal.Availability: Figma Stark Plugin

ImagePallette plugin

image pallete figma plugin

There are different theories about color palettes and one of them is that the most beautiful color palettes are created from photos. This plugin will help you to generate a color palette from a photo. All you have to do is to tag the image, run the plugin and the palette is born. 🙂Availability: ImagePallette Figma plugin

Content Reel plugin

content rell figma plugin

Super plugin from Microsoft. Do you sometimes need to fill the design with the real content? Whether it's a name, email, avatar or phone number - this plugin will speed up and simplify your work.It simply generates this content for you. They also plan to add various icons for the future. It is worth watching updates.Availability: Content Reel Figma plugin

Android Resources Export plugin

android resource export figma plugin

Use this plugin to quickly export assets for Android. A designer working on mobile applications who often needs to export developers' assets will appreciate this plugin.Android resources export prepares assets in both drawable and Nine-patch folders. Except for exporting Nine-Patch you can also export adaptive app icons to the Play Store.Availability: Android Resources Export Figma plugin Are you interested in UX / UI design process we have in GoodRequest?Get to know it in 8 steps and don't forget to write the inspiration or tip in the comment. 🙂

Do you work with Figma and want to improve in it?Or are you a complete newcomer and would like to create designs in it?Join our Figma user group - Friends of Figma Slovakia - Žilina. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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