In enterprise systems, our goal is to save you valuable time on daily operations. We design and build for you a system tailored to your needs, polished user experience, built on safe, stable architecture.


Product success starts
with good analysis.

Building a system that fits your needs start with our deep understanding of your business, technical and user needs. During intense workshops, we make sure we understand your domain, your priorities, the way you work. We talk to the users, interview them to identify their pain points, needs and gather as much information as we can.

Once we collect all the requirements, our team translates them into technical specifications. The output of the analysis is a document containing business, user´s requirements and technical specifications about your future system. After feedback and approval of analysis we move to another step - Design.

- Business requirements
- Process analysis
- User interviews
- User requirements
- Technical specification
Product development, analysis | Goodrequest

Design with users in mind.

Once we understand your needs and requirements we start designing rough wireframes representing important system functionalities. We turn them into a clickable prototype so we can simulate real system conditions. We give you feedback and validate with users in usability testing. Once we have tested concepts, we design a beautiful interface and provide you a Design System to ensure consistency and scalability. All with your needs in the centre.

- Wireframes
- Prototyping
- Usability testing & Optimization
- UI design
- Dashboard & Enterprise UI
- Design System
User oriented design | web application for innovation management concept | Goodrequest

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Backend & Frontend

Develop, implement and keep optimising.

Thanks to analysis, specifications, design and usability testing we exactly know what we are going to build. The better the analysis the smoother and quicker the development will be. System development consists of two main parts - Backend & Frontend. We build the backend, a brain of the system, on future-proof, verified technologies. The frontend, the face of the system, is built on React to ensure instant application response time. In order to secure system stability, we implement automation testing during all stages of development process.

It doesn't end with smooth implementation though. To stay on top of industry requires us to be reactive. Together with our clients we continue optimizing the system and implementing small improvements over time.

Tech stack
- Node.js
- React
- Express
- TypeScript
- Elastic
- Php
- DigitalOcean
- PostgreSQL
- Redis
Develop, implement and keep optimising | Goodrequest
Enterprise projects

Complex all-in-one systems used by thousands.

Our partners

95% client return rate.
Build on long-term partnerships.

“ZSE is cooperating with GoodRequest on several projects. We can say that GoodRequest is moving our company forward. We are proud to work with a dynamic, agile and highly efficient company. ”

Head of Corporate Development, ZSE
Radoslav Markuš

"You have a different view of the world than we do. It's great that you're giving us feedback. I feel a lot of creativity and passion in your work. From our point of view, it's great that you are very flexible and you can respond quickly to our requests. ”

Product manager, innovatrics
Roman Urban

“Web looks great, I think we can all be justly proud of it and we can aspire to the price of the most beautiful Slovak web of a developer, as we agreed upon when starting cooperation.Thank you for the nice work to everyone who participated in its creation. "

Project manager, Reinoo
Roman Petro

“Our Android apps already existed when we started working with them, but they helped us redesign them and create new features. This resulted in improved user retention rate and also improved Play Store ratings. In general, for both of those platforms, our monthly active users increased by more than 50% in the last 12 months.”

Project Manager Mobile Apps & Eshop, Nay
Martin Úradniček

“GoodRequest has broaden our point-of-view from “web redesign” to understanding digital strategy as a whole thing. During their showcase workshop we explored several different ideas on how we might improve. We have got convinced in 2 hours.”

Head of Online, Forbes
Adriána Heglasová

“Their mobile app development skills were amazing. They knew everything about UX and execution. Since this was our first mobile app. They are patient and dedicated to walking us through their process while we are learning. They delivered their own ideas and improvements.”

CEO SFZ Marketing
Roman Halačka
Why us

Certified security.
Awarded & recognised.

We are not afraid of connecting to the real world. We connect from charging stations for electric vehicles via CT to waste collection containers.
Design team
Our team is certified for leading Design Sprints, Usability Testing and User Research.
100% Service
level agreement 
We provide full service after development and ensure full availability.
QA team
Our testers are certified by the world's most successful scheme for certifying software testers.
We have created award- winning websites on CSS Design Awards.
Security Certifications
Our apps have proven its security passing several penetrations tests under XY certifications.