We’re a team of experienced engineers, analysts, testers and product owners. Since 2013 we have delivered more than 50 native award-winning mobile apps for iOS and Android.

3-6 months

Native mobile development.
Beautiful & functional.

We are experts in native mobile development. We believe native is a way to go for most businesses, especially in bigger, fast scaling projects. Over the years we have done several projects in React Native or Flutter. We can also recycle logic written in one language to another framework or platform. Our analyst will help you find out what fits your project.

- Kotlin
- rX java
- Java
- Flutter
- Android Wear
- Android Car
- Swift
- Objective C
- iPad OS
- WatchOS
- TvOS
Tatra Banka Mobile application development | Goodrequest
Our expertise

Rich mobile expertise.
From AR/VR to IoT.

We have developed deep knowledge of mobile development for many industries. From building a fantasy gaming app for major hockey league, through streaming service app for online TV to e-mobility solution syncing thousands of charging stations.

One of our specialities is IoT. Building IoT is always a challenge, hardware is tough. Our solutions are running on hardware all around the world. No matter if it is terminal with face recognition at the airports or QR pistol to accept and validate trash cans.

- Augmented & Virtual reality
- IoT & Smart devices
- Ecomerrce & Payments
- Fintech
- Enterprise
- Emobility & Car
- Sports & Fitness
- Fantasy league
- Streaming & TV
ZSE Drive application for electric cars and charging stations | Goodrequest

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How we work

From full-cycle
to team augmentation.

We know things move fast in digital. Our main perspective is to be agile and flexible in terms of your product. The same goes for our collaboration. If you prefer headache-free development we can build an entire solution from product strategy & design to implementation under our roof. Or you already have a team, we can provide you an agile augmented team of seniors who can fill up your gaps.

- Agile approach
- Small increments
- Regular communication
- Product ownership
- Full-cycle product development
- Team augmentation
Full-cycle agile development and design | Goodrequest

More than 50 awarded projects since 2013.

Our partners

95% client return rate.
Build on long-term partnerships.

“ZSE is cooperating with GoodRequest on several projects. We can say that GoodRequest is moving our company forward. We are proud to work with a dynamic, agile and highly efficient company. ”

Head of Corporate Development, ZSE
Radoslav Markuš

“ We see suggestions for improvement and solutions coming from the team as a sign that developers, designers and managers really care about our product. The approach is flexible and there is a sense of passion and creativity at work. We have a very pleasant impression of the cooperation and we can only be happy if it continues in this way. “

Product manager, innovatrics
Roman Urban

“Web looks great, I think we can all be justly proud of it and we can aspire to the price of the most beautiful Slovak web of a developer, as we agreed upon when starting cooperation.Thank you for the nice work to everyone who participated in its creation. "

Project manager, Reinoo
Roman Petro

“Our Android apps already existed when we started working with them, but they helped us redesign them and create new features. This resulted in improved user retention rate and also improved Play Store ratings. In general, for both of those platforms, our monthly active users increased by more than 50% in the last 12 months.”

Project Manager Mobile Apps & Eshop, Nay
Martin Úradniček

“GoodRequest has broaden our point-of-view from “web redesign” to understanding digital strategy as a whole thing. During their showcase workshop we explored several different ideas on how we might improve. We have got convinced in 2 hours.”

Head of Online, Forbes
Adriána Heglasová

“Their mobile app development skills were amazing. They knew everything about UX and execution. Since this was our first mobile app. They are patient and dedicated to walking us through their process while we are learning. They delivered their own ideas and improvements.”

CEO SFZ Marketing
Roman Halačka
Why us

Certified security.
Awarded & recognized.

Kotlin group
As an establisher of the official Kotlin user group, we share knowledge on Android meetups.
Security certifications
Our apps have proven its security passing several penetrations tests under XY certifications.
Certified QA team
Our testers are certified by the world's most successful scheme for certifying software testers.
design team
Our team is certified for leading Design Sprints, Usability Testing and User Research.
4.8* average app rating
The average rating of our iOS app in Appstore is 4.8*. In others words, 96% of users love our apps.
apps, ZSE Drive, Tatra Banka or Tipsport League. We build apps that win.