7. Dec 2022Design

World Usability Day 2022 – Online fitness from the point of view of viability, feasibility, desirability

This year as well, we were part of the global event World Usability Day as speakers, which was organized in Slovakia by SUXA (Slovak User Experience Association). The theme of this year's conference was "Our health" and in a broader sense it focused on all digital solutions related to health, within which we rebuilt the Fitshaker project.

Slavomír FedorDigital Product Designer

World Usability Day is an event aimed at fans of UX design, which since 2005 has been actively trying to motivate professionals around the world to focus on the usability of websites, applications and other products.

As part of my lecture, I described how the design and development of the largest online fitness center in Slovakia and the Czech Republic - Fitshaker, on 4 platforms since 2018 looks like. We'll take a look at what it's like to develop a product and make exercise an experience for a lovebrand with which tens of thousands of women exercise.

As part of my presentation, I addressed 6 main topics: what makes the product successful, what were the beginnings with Fitshaker, Fitshaker vs. Health, how did we get Fitshaker in our pocket, what are users saying about it and what are the other challenges, but I won't reveal more😶. You can find more details about the individual topics in the video and I have attached the presentation.

Video recording of the event:


I believe that you learned something new from my presentation and were inspired on how to responsibly and meaningfully create digital products, in addition, do not miss the recordings of interesting lectures by other Slovak and foreign speakers and broaden your horizons. This year's WUD was held online, so recordings of all lectures are available. It's a great opportunity to learn more about UX (user experience) and usability.

Slavomír FedorDigital Product Designer