2. Aug 2021Business

#grpartners: KIA 360 - information system for providing and obtaining feedback

The internal information system focused on obtaining and providing online feedback for thousands of KIA Slovakia employees is LIVE after months of development.

KIA is known as an international manufacturer of motor vehicles, while its first European plant was established in Slovakia. With approximately 3,700 employees, it is one of the largest employers. At the beginning of the year, as partners, we started creating an information system. We described the introduction of cooperation in the article.

Design and development of an internal information system for the ability to obtain and provide anonymous feedback

The task for our web and design team was to design and develop an information system. The main functionalities of the IS include the creation of questionnaires, collection of feedback and the generation of a comprehensive evaluation of employees in a clear graphic interpretation.

The solution also included a connection with SAP, or the design and creation of a unique way of registering employees, which will ensure anonymity.

Information system architecture:

Tomáš VrabčekHead of projects & PMs