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Everything about the design and development of mobile applications in a podcast with Tony Dúbravec

What does it look like in practice when developing mobile applications in the GoodRequest digital studio? Our Lead designer Michal Sleziak talked about this topic in the podcast Digital Age with Tony Dúbravec.

Bruno GrinčMarketing

The Doba digitálna podcast is about marketing, social networks, mobile applications and everything that is a topic today. In the # 10 episode, our Lead designer Michal Sleziak is a guest. He focused on a topic, that is close to us - connecting technology and design into mobile applications. Are you thinking about listening to a podcast? We choosed a few moments that may convince you.🎙

When is the web not enough and a mobile application is needed?

The border is not clear. And the answer is quite complex. First of all, it is necessary to have a specific use case, which is done significantly better in the application than on the web. The podcast will contain some concrete examples from practice. And also tools to help with decision-making and evaluation. For example, a trident of a successful product:

  • Solves a real problem or the need of people they want to solve
  • Business profitability, ie the solution is business valid and people are willing to pay for it
  • Technology - the project is technologically feasible in terms of time and finances

Main question is whether the activity is performed significantly better through a mobile application. A good use case should be a repetitive activity that the user performs regularly, requires a fast process, a good UX experience and simplicity. A good example can be fintech services - such as mobile banking Tatra banka, or food delivery such as Bistro.sk.

What follows if the project does not meet these criteria, we address it in more detail in the podcast.

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How do you develop a mobile app? 

It is not an easy process and always depends on the specifics of the product you want to get to market. The basics are always in contact and company-client fit.

If we are good fit, the analysis phase follows where we try to go into the depth of the problem. The analysis is followed by a design, where we try to create a specific solution, which we type and test on users, collect feedback, iterate it to the stage when we find that the product is ergonomically fine and makes sense to people. Then we go into the development phase.

This phase depends on the complexity of the product. We try to approach the development of the mobile application as agile and in parts as possible. To see the product version iterate directly with users as soon as possible. Because there is a difference between testing the design and the "final" mobile application.

After development comes a series of testing. An important stage in today's hyper competitive times. Users are very demanding and every mistake can cost a lot. Then we launch the app into pilot operation. If it goes well, we go "for real" into the world.

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What are the most important pillars that developers focus on?

From the beginning of the development of the mobile application, the user of the application must be in the middle of this process. And that must never change. When it comes to technology, integration should not be underestimated. These can be problematic. When building an (existing) solution, it is difficult not to forget or omit anything due to the existing infrastructure. To make the application work competitively against those who built it on the "green field". In addition, don't underestimate bugs and load scaling.

Bruno GrinčMarketing