Do you want to code and work as an Android developer?
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February 22, 2022

Do you want to code and work as an Android developer?

Veronika Martišková
Veronika Martišková
Project Manager
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Thinking about what it takes to be an Android Developer? This article will introduce you to the 4 main points you'll need to address on your way to your dream job in the IT world.

When and how to start programming Android applications?

Are you wondering what to do after school? Alternatively, are you considering a career change but not sure if this is the right move?

The answer to the first question is that you will still work a lot, so enjoy those years at school, but don’t just waste them on beer (or, if already, at least read this article in between sips). The answer to the second question, certainly yes.

If you are toying with the idea of going into the IT business, you are at the right place. How about trying Android development and creating mobile applications? You will definitely be asked a question about the responsibilities and skills of Android Developers.

Well, dear reader, it’s not honey to lick, and that’s what you need to realize at the outset. To be successful (no matter what area) you need to be continuously educated.

Below you will find a basic “kit” from which you can tap further.

Education is an important part of career development


In short, the android developer creates mobile applications (design and functionality). Its responsibility is to “encode” the mobile application (preferably with a low number of bugs) according to the design and current standards. It works closely with UI / UX designers, back-end developers, ... it also works with external sources such as APIs and databases. It tests and fixes bugs (which you, my friend, you probably can’t avoid - we point out in advance that the relationship between the tester and the developer is the same as between the hamburger and fries = friends forever) and he is happy when everything works.

Technical skills

Of the programming languages, you should know Kotlin and, ideally, Java, which means that you need to know the syntax and structure of these languages. Android developers should understand the Android Software Development Kit (Android SDK) and ideally also SQL, as you will most likely also be dealing with database integration.

You will also need knowledge of the versioning tool, you don’t have to be a GIT guru but at least the basics like creating and using repositories, or “committing” changes, it’s nice to know. RxJava shouldn’t be foreign to you either.

Since many applications require data transfer to the web and vice versa, JSON is one of the prerequisites.

There are many other technologies that are important for the Android developer, but the ones mentioned should be enough for you at the beginning.

android developer technical skills required for mobile app development


Every society has different expectations and depends on the culture and personality of the individual, so choose according to what is close to your heart. Do your research. Take a look at the company’s website, vision, review social networks and see if you can identify with it at a glance. Take a look at the projects the company has been working on and see if wise internet comes with some public feedback from employees.

If you have an overview of the mentioned technologies and you have read it so far, congratulations, it seems that a little freestyle did not discourage you and therefore you could be a good fit for our company GoodRequest.

You won’t find out if we really sit down until you try it, but I can promise you that we care about the people and the projects he chooses. Each one must have some added value. You will work on things for different businesses from health, through sports, to real estate, so you will not be bored. You will meet A-people who are willing to help, advise and share not only their knowledge but also a table in some kind of hospitality.

Chill zone in GoodRequest offices during Hackathon 2020
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