Config 2021 - Figma mobile app, expected Figma branches and FigJam as "MIRO competition"
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February 10, 2022

Config 2021 - Figma mobile app, expected Figma branches and FigJam as "MIRO competition"

Peter Linek
Peter Linek
Head of Design
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Figma mobile application, branches in Figma, FigJam as a successor to the MIRO board and FigJam as a communication tool between designers. Read more about the great news that was introduced at ConFig 2021!

Figma mobile app

Yes, it's true. We will see a full-fledged mobile application from Figma. What will it contain? Mobile design is not yet available, but you can look forward to easy access to your files and prototypes. Especially the mobile one. Thanks to the mobile application, you will be able to run your mobile prototypes carefree without the help of the Figma Mirror application. The creators promise us easy viewing of mobile prototypes, sharing and carefree "playback". We will see how the application will work in practice, but we are already grinding our teeth for its use in user testing.

When will the Figma app be available? For the first 10K users now!

More info about new Figma mobile app.

Figma mobile app

Figma Branches - branching and merging in Figma

If you're close to our fellow developers struggling with our designs, you may have caught the term "Branch", "Merge" or "Git". If you haven't had the honor yet, nice to meet you. :) Figma brings a novelty to the world of design, thanks to which, like our colleagues, we will be able to work in parallel on several versions (Branches), which we will then evaluate (Review) and combine into one main line (Merge) of design / product. Work with large files and complex systems should therefore be simplified, at least as regards changes and approval of different versions. You still have to clean up the broken layers yourself.

When will Fig branch be available?

Organization feature - avalaible in BETA soon!

Figma Branches - new branching and merging feature

500+ users in Figma at the same time

Large companies can look forward to increase in number of active users to 500+. From what we captured, 100 editors and up to 400 observers. We believe that it will be enough for us now: D.

Figma allows more than 500 active users
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Welcome FigJam!

Figma introduced a new product, and friends keep your hats on. In recent times, designers and developers have brought heads together and brought many innovations that help connect the world of design with the world of code. Components, libraries, a renewed inspect mode as well as variants help us create sustainable and usable design projects and systems. But all this is only part of the whole design process. Before we start drawing, we need to ask, think, write, sketch, brain-storm, design, evaluate, discard and everything of course all together.

Figma introduced FigJam, a tool that is relieved of more complex design tools, but enriched with simple annotation, note-taking and evaluation tools. Paste a sticky note, write down an idea, evaluate and stamp.

When will FigJam be available? soon avalaible in beta, but you can try it out here :)

New competition for Miro. FigJam
figjam user interface

FigSpeak (Audio chat in Figma)

At a time when "home is new office" and meetings are teeems, meeeets, zoooms or araunds, Figma brings unexpected news. We will soon be able to communicate within our designs through voice. In essence, it will be a built-in radio, thanks to which we could theoretically increase our productivity and collaboration. However, we will see in time how this tool will differ from regular "calls" and whether it will really bring value.

When will FigSpeak be available? Until the end of April 21, 2021 - as a BETA for everyone

Figma makes audio chat available in the form of FigSpeak

When will the new features in Figme be available?

You can download the BETA version at FIGMA releases.

Figma Slovakia

Join the Figma community in Slovakia!

We strive to bring design events, workshops and meetings to the great design community. :)

Thank you for the opportunity of Figma! (And also for an exclusive shoutout right after the Keynote! :D)

Friends of Figma Slovakia leader Peter Linek
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