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10 years in digital: How to successfully digitize your business?

Do you want to start digitising your business but don't know where to start? We'll take you through the situations in which you should consider digitalisation and the challenges you might encounter in this process. Drawing from our ten years of experience in digital solutions, we'll show you how to define your needs and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Adam Brocka

Do you want to digitize your business?

In what situations should you consider this?

We have been living with the development of digital solutions for ten years. When we talk to our clients about what prompted them to take the initiative to create their own digital product or service, we receive various answers.

The younger generation of customers and the growing digital literacy of society brought with them new expectations and needs of their target audiences. The evolution of technology, new trends, innovation, and the drive to be constantly competitive. Increasing customer demands and continuous efforts to improve the customer experience.

Many have been looking for new ways to reach customers and simplify access to their products and services. They wanted to scale and were looking for ways they could increase the potential impact of their offering. Several saw the digital world as a modern form of business that also appealed to them as an opportunity for learning and enhancing their business skills.

Similarly, the goal was to streamline internal processes and save time, energy, and money. Lightening the internal teams of routine activities so that they had more capacity for activities with higher productivity.

The development of digital solutions is time-consuming and comes with a lot of uncertainties.

Get a good assignment from the start.

Quality digital products don't work by chance; they are the result of good planning and informed decisions. They involve a thorough understanding of your customers' needs, economic sustainability, and the selection of the right technologies.

You probably know that there are always many ideas, but the budget and time are usually limited. Defining a clear assignment is crucial for the success of your solution, especially in the initial phase of technical development. It is extremely important to implement only what makes sense, i.e., functionalities that help your customers meet their needs and understand the added value of your digital product or service.

Before you embark on technical development, it's a good idea to answer a few key questions:

  • Why do you want to develop a digital solution, and what are you trying to achieve for your organisation?
  • Who are we developing this product or service for, and what customer needs are we trying to address?
  • What should the customer achieve through this solution?

A good assignment can help you focus on priorities, shorten development time, save costs, reduce potential project risks, accelerate time-to-market, and improve the return on your investment.

We have worked on over 200 projects already. From mobile banking apps to the largest online fitness centre in the domestic market to the largest food delivery platform in Slovakia. We've learned a lot, so we're happy to share our experience with you and help you define a good assignment.

Have you ever thought about having your own digital product, but haven't managed to get it off the ground yet?

Share your obstacles with us, and we'll give you our experience as a reward.

We've long seen the need for companies with a digital ambitions to have the opportunity to consult with experts in the initial phases of their efforts to develop digital solutions.

At the beginning of this year, we created a product team whose mission is to help clients define assignments and create concepts for new digital products and services that are useful for end-users, the companies developing them, and society.

As we approach our 10th anniversary, we are mapping the needs of Slovak companies that are considering the development of digital products but encounter obstacles. Take part in a short survey and share your insight with us. You will help us creat solutions that contribute to building a responsible and meaningful digital world.

Your time and input are greatly valued, so as a reward, we've arranged a free consultation where our product team will be on hand to help you grasp your digital product concept.

Do you have an idea you'd like to consult? Join our survey and reserve your consultation.

Adam Brocka

Share your insight with us

Share your experience with us!

We want to understand your needs and the challenges that you encounter during digitization. Take part in our short survey and let us know what bothers you. Your answers will help us create solutions that are responsible and meaningful for the digital world. As a reward, we have prepared a free consultation for you.