Head of Design & Engineering

Maroš Novák

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Selected work

We build digital experience that generates business value.

Mobile, Fintech

Tatra banka

Mobile banking app for a member of Raiffeisen Group.


active users per month


App Store rating with over 15.6k reviews.


points in NPS user score

Enterprise, Web

KIA 360 - evaluation tool

Feedback Tool for thousands Employees from Kia Slovakia.

+19 %




Improving UX and design strategy for a world-class business magazine.


countries with unified design.

“GoodRequest has broaden our focus from “web redesign” to understanding digital strategy as a whole thing. During their showcase workshop we explored several different ideas on how we might improve. We’ve got convinced in 2 hours.”

Adriána HeglasováHead of Online, Forbes

"GoodRequest has been passionate, focused, and responsive to the client. The project's rating in the app store has been continuously improving alongside the customers' satisfaction. So far, they have been able to provide a quality workflow."

Lukáš MochňákHead of Mobile banking department, Tatra banka

“I really liked the detailed specification they provided at the beginning of the project based on our requirements. We were able to think about the edge cases before the implementation even started. At the same time, they approach were very agile and if we decided to change some requirements in the later phases of the project, it was never a problem.”

Daniel FerakBusiness Unit Director, Innovatrics

About us

What makes us different?

100% in-house

We can build whole experience from idea, MVP to big solutions. We have large, scalable, in-house team consisting of designers, developers, project managers and QA testers.

Data driven

We don’t rely on guesses, instead we test & validate everything during the process. We make decisions based on research and data.


No matter what we do, we put people in the center of the process. We listen to their needs, emphasise and learn from them.

Custom tailored team

We work in cross-funtional teams build on client’s specific needs. Example of a team composition - desinger, developer, product owner, QA tester and client stakeholders.

Working in agile sprints

Our certified PM use scrumban metodology to manage our projects. We work in 1-2 weeks sprint. We have track record full of huge project from multiple industries.

Amazing collaborators

We invite you to be part of the team. Together with us, you will co-create ideas on workshops. All our work can be done 100% remote.