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Suit and development. Why are they more similar than you think?

Why is custom development so expensive? It is a common question from customers who have no experience with development of software project. The great answer to this question is that it is like a custom made suit from an Italian tailor vs regular suit that you can buy in the shopping center.

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A regular suit is great for your prom but you don’t want to have a wedding or business meeting in it. In software development world it means that you don’t need a great custom website when you are startup but good MVP on CMS like Wordpress is enough to start.

I have found a lot of similarities when I looked on internet for keyword "Benefits Of Having Custom Made Suit"

Similarities between custom development and great custom made suit

Quality Materials Are Used — Quality code

This is something that is not visible, but having a clean code (code that’s easy to understand and change) can make a lot of things easier for you in the future. Quality of code is assured by good development and QA team.

Fit you better — Custom UX/UI Design

Custom development has more possibilities to make a website visually attractive, easy-to-use, and efficient when it comes to creating a satisfactory user experience

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You Can Highlight Your Personal Style — SEO

Custom development contributes to landing better SEO positioning on search engines since it’s created from scratch, all the development stems from the primary search engines’ preferences.

Your Clothes Last Longer — Scalability a security

Custom websites are highly scalable, and you can get to where you want to go. Everything depends only on you and your developer. There are also higher security guarantees on a custom website in the face of possible cyber-attacks since generating custom code is less accessible to hackers. Nobody will steal your suit :)

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