26. Apr 2024

How to increase your e-shop's profitability with UX? Adam Rakús on the Pricemania Academy Podcast.

The importance of effective UX design (User Experience) in e-commerce is undeniable. In the latest episode of the Pricemania Academy podcast, our seasoned product designer Adam Rakús, with extensive experience working with industry leaders, shares his insights and experiences.

At GoodRequest, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions that change the digital world. Leading e-shops today are actively using mobile apps to build relationships with customers. Moreover, mobile apps offer users a faster and more convenient experience than websites, thanks to their use of native device features. Learn more about this and other topics in the latest episode of the Pricemania Academy podcast, where you can listen to our product designer, Adam Rakús. He shares his experiences and brings a deeper insight into creating mobile apps for leading players like BENU Pharmacy, Notino, and other market leaders.

Meet Adam

Adam is an experienced digital product designer. With 6 years of experience, he specializes in user-centered design, interaction design, and product design. He is currently working on projects like BENU, ZSE Drive, Raiffeisen Bank, and others.

In addition, Adam enjoys sharing useful content that helps fellow designers achieve great results and build successful design careers, as well as providing helpful tips for e-commerce. That's why he's worth following.

Sneak Peek into Adam's Insights

This time, Adam shares his knowledge and experiences with mobile apps in the e-commerce sector, focusing on the crucial factor of User Experience, which impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty. He starts by discussing the process from receiving a client brief to the ongoing collaboration aimed at achieving the client's business goals. His key recommendation is to begin by engaging directly with customers, emphasizing the importance of understanding user needs. Adam's insights and recommendations are valuable for anyone looking to take their business or digital products to the next level.

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