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How to create nice and effective work environment

Creating a pleasant work environment for our team is my priority. Don't be afraid to be inspired by others, if your result will add value, that's fine.

Lucia PodhorskáOffice Manager

One of the important things you need to think about in business is to create the most comfortable work environment possible for your people. At GoodRequest, I try to create not only a physical work environment, by making it nice and cosy, but also mental one, with my positive energy. Here are some tips on how to quickly and easily create comfort in the workplace.

The first step you need to think about is personal contact. (apart from the current situation regarding Covid-19). Direct communication, even if only based on short but honest conversations, is very important. Employees feel that you are interested in them and basically make them think of other than work ideas. The easiest way to combine this is to make coffee or tea in the shared kitchen, or during the lunch break. You will not be able to meet everyone during the day. That's why I've put a stylish manual calendar to some offices. Every morning you come to the office, greet people, change dates and, of course, say a few cheerful words. I often try to bring a little joke into conversations. I heard that laughter is the best healer :) I definitely recommend going to lunch once in a while and motivating people to do teambuilding activities together. Our teambuildings events are legendary. Whether it's mini events in the office space or seasonal, they always have excellent participation and incredible fun :)

And the last piece of advice. Don't forget to greet people kindly, with a smile on your face and especially a direct look into your eyes.

Fun & Learning

The more people, the greater the diversity in the workplace. Therefore, it is necessary to think about various options that will create fun and relaxation environment in the office. The following have proved their worth to us the most:

Virtual reality (VR) - having this in our offices it's different level of fun :) 

PlayStation - some of our colleagues don't have time to play at home. Even if they would love to they simply don't have time. That's why it's good idea to have one of the gaming consoles in work.

Foosball - Finish your lunch break with one game ? We can only recommend.

Lego - We also have lego in our fun equipment for the craving of patience, perseverance and creativity. But we came up with the composition in a slightly different way. We put it together step by step. We choose "hard 200 step" models. We compose them in a way where one ends, the other begins. Finished products are put into meeting room as decoration. So let me tell you, you won't find the Death Star in every meeting room.

Library - Setting up a library, where you give people the opportunity to choose what books will make up its contents? Again, we can only recommend. In ours you will find everything from leisure to books with ECO themes to management, marketing and leadership.

Fun and relaxing environment in the office thanks to the playstation, lego, library, VR

Working place

The golden rule you should think about - ask your people.
When creating a comfortable workplace, don't forget to ask people what they would like in their office. Whether it's more standing boards, flowers, a different picture on the wall, a swing or a distinctive wallpaper or a colourful lazy-boy. It is very important that they have a choice. After all, they will spend a few hours a day there.

Conmfortable workplace for digital products development with standing boards, flowers or wallpaper
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Energy is contagious, whether it is positive or negative. If you go to work with pleasure, your efficiency will increase significantly, the same goes for your team.
Our team is doing well so far and there are more and more of us, but GR-spirit is still alive.

People in the first place are the guarantee of an efficient team
Want to know more about our office? In the following article, we will move to other parts of the office and take a look at our Eco-Book. Stay Tuned!

Lucia PodhorskáOffice Manager