18. Mar 2022Business

#grpartners: ZSE Drive, the largest network of charging stations, expands its reach

For our long-term partner Západoslovenská energetika, a.s. we have prepared an extension of the ZSE Drive product and service platform with a household segment. Thanks to the new functionality available on the website and in mobile applications, users will get faster and easier access to charging from the comfort of their home.

Veronika MartiškováProject Manager

Západoslovenská energetika, a.s. is the strongest player in the field of electricity and gas supply in Slovakia and is also part of the European energy group E.ON. In addition to operating the distribution network and supplying electricity, the company is expanding its operations in the field of ecology and transport sustainability through the ZSE Drive project focused on e-mobility.

We have been working together on the design and creation of a platform for ZSE Drive electric car owners since 2017. We have created a comprehensive product consisting of backend and frontend development as well as native applications for Android and iOS mobile platforms, which currently cover more than 44,700 charging stations across Europe.

New B2C functionality for charging in the comfort of your home

In order to increase interest in e-mobility, ZSE Drive comes with new functionality for households, thanks to which those interested can charge their electric cars where they park - quickly, cheaply and conveniently.

New functionality on the website as well as in mobile applications improves and simplifies the customer journey for ordering the Smart Wallbox home charger.

At the same time, thanks to the integration of the home charging service into the mobile application, the device can be controlled comfortably and remotely. The new section in the mobile application allows you to plan, control, start and stop charging the vehicle at the right time with regard to the current price of electricity through tariff management. It also allows you to monitor the progress and history of consumption and charging costs.

Technologies used:

  • Frontend - React
  • Backend - Node.js
  • Android - Kotlin
  • iOS -  Swift




Veronika MartiškováProject Manager