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GoodReqeuest Academy: feedback on the first year of Backend Bootcamp

At GoodRequest, we have extensive experience educating individuals, communities and universities through the GoodRequest Academy. This time, however, we've debuted Bootcamp on the Backend platform – a space where all students feel comfortable, supported, and can learn to their fullest potential from experienced mentors. And how did it turn out? Find out directly from our alumni.

Miroslava FilčákováBackend Developer

Adam Fagan

What do you see as the overall benefit of the concept?

I see the benefit in the fact that even people without work experience and with basic knowledge can gain deeper knowledge of the field through the bootcamp and then use it on real projects. This was also reflected in my first task, which represented approximately 70% of the work I encountered during the bootcamp.

What difference do you see in comparing bootcamp with self-education or school?

Bootcamp will prepare a person to work on real projects - lectures on tools from projects, code samples, deeper explanation of principles and standards. On the contrary, from my point of view, the school will only give a certain basis from a larger number of IT areas, and the projects from the school are not always meaningful and applicable in the real world.

How would you describe the bootcamp in a few sentences?

I would describe the bootcamp as a good way to start working in an IT position, even if you only have basic knowledge and no work experience in the area that the bootcamp focuses on.

Michal Pleva

How do you rate professional lectures or your mentors?

The approach of the mentors exceeded my expectations. Martin and Mirka devoted themselves to us all day, they could find time at any time to help us solve problems (1 on 1) and the lectures they prepared were of a very high level and on topics that perfectly complemented our practical part of the bootcamp.

Did the bootcamp prepare you to work on projects?

After completing these two months, I got a general overview of the system architecture, I know how to create highly scalable api from the first controllers to maintenance, and I know how to work with the whole ecosystem of modern tools for developing backend applications.

Would you recommend the bootcamp to other IT talents?

I definitely recommend Bootcamp to anyone who has a passion for code and wants to take their programming skills to a whole new level.

Oleksandr Kashytskyi

What benefits or negatives do you see in comparing bootcamp with self-education or school?

It all depends on how the educational process is designed and what its goal is. I have a goal for self-education, but it's hard to stick to my plan. On the other hand, in school, apart from the subjects I need, there are a million others that do not affect progress. So far, I am most comfortable with the bootcamp education model, and I must say that I really like it.

What is the most memorable thing for you?

First and foremost, it is a collective and the opportunity to be among employees. Dealing with beginners was very important.

Lubomir Dlhy

How did you find out about GoodRequest or the Academy itself?

I first noticed GoodRequest when the Backend Challenge was held. It was a competition to create a booking system for Slack. I found the challenge then on a social network, I guess on LinkedIn or Facebook. I liked that GoodRequest offers many opportunities for young people. Since then, I started following GR on social media, and when the Backend Bootcamp opened, I didn't hesitate to apply.

How would you describe the bootcamp in a few sentences? What stuck in your memory the most?

During two months of lectures, you will learn everything you need, from architecture, databases, security, versioning, typescript to DevOps, which you will apply in the practical part, which makes up most of the time. If you don't know how to deal with something, colleagues from the bootcamp or experienced mentors will help you. If you screw something up, nothing happens because you're not working on the project. In addition, you will meet a lot of great people, learn to work in a team and acquire a lot of skills, so you can easily start a project.

Would you recommend a bootcamp?

Definitely yes. In addition to experienced mentors and real preparation, you can look forward to a pleasant environment, a young team and events that you will not forget.

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Miroslava FilčákováBackend Developer