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Frontend Briefly - News & tips from the world of frontend development #7

A regular summary of the most important news, articles or tweets in the frontend world is here! For the month of June, we have prepared the top 6 novelties that should not be missed by any frontend developer. In addition, here you will find links to other interesting articles that are worth reading.

1.Faster page loading with Early Hints

Early Hints is a new HTTP status code: 103 Early Hints. Thanks to it, during the generation of a time-consuming response, the server can send a hint to the client about additional resources that will probably need to be loaded (e.g. css or javascript files). The client does not have to wait for a response from the server, but can request additional resources while still waiting for the first response. You can read more on the Chrome Developers blog.

Rýchlosť načítavainia stránky po použití Early Hints sa výrazne zlepší.
Comparison of page loading speed after using Early Hints.

2. Support for Internet Explorer 11 has ended, kinda

Support for Internet Explorer 11 ended on June 15, 2022. On the official blog you will find details of what this means for regular users and developers. After this date, you will no longer open Internet Explorer, but you will be automatically redirected to the Edge browser with IE mode support. (Unfortunately) Microsoft has committed to supporting IE mode in Microsoft Edge at least until 2029, so we can only be partially happy.

3. News in React world

4. News in ECMAScript 2022

On June 22, the new ECMAScript 2022 version for the JavaScript language was officially approved. If you want to know what news has been added, read this article: Ecma International approves ECMAScript 2022: What's new? In addition, you will learn how the approval of a new version of ECMAScript takes place or what is the difference between JavaScript and ECMAScript.

5. WebAssembly in JavaScript ecosystem

In the lecture, you will learn where WebAssembly (WASM) is used everywhere in the JavaScript ecosystem. You will also discover several benefits that WebAssembly brings compared to a fully native JS solution.

6. News in Chrome

The new version of Google Chrome 103 brought several innovations, for example:

  • HTTP 103 status code (early hints)
  • Local Font Access API
  • AbortSignal.timeout(),
  • etc...

Another innovation in Chrome 104 is the recording of media queries. They can now be written as follows:

@media (400px <= width <= 600px )  {
  // Styles for viewports between 400px and 600px.

In addition, do not forget to read about the news in DevTools.

Other articles worth reading

A few articles about accessibility


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