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Each month I'll summarize the most important news, articles or tweets in the world of frontend. The last month of 2021 brought a lot of news for React developers, but not only that. This is an overview of the most interesting ones that no frontend developer should miss.

1. The State of CSS 2021

The results of the survey among CSS developers for the year 2021 have already been published. The aim of this survey is to identify mainly new trends and the direction in which the development of web technologies will go. Most interesting thing is rapid growth of interest in the Tailwind CSS framework, which is becoming very popular among CSS developers.

This popularity chart is also a great source for finding people to follow. You will be constantly in the picture about the news in the world of CSS and you also learn a lot from them.

2. Patterns.dev

Patterns.dev is a catalog of design patterns, but you will also find tips and tricks on how to design web applications built on JavaScript and React. Patterns are time-tested code writing templates. You will learn how to solve problems that other developers have encountered many times. Lydia Hallie, Addy Osmani, Josh W. Comeau and others are behind this project, which is a guarantee of quality content. The material is available for free, either as a book or an interactive catalog with examples on their website.

Cover photo of the book Learning Patterns by Lydia Hallie and Addy Osnami

3. New version of Create React App 5.0

The official React application development tool has been updated. The new version brought several new features, support for Tailwind and also updated several dependencies e.g. webpack 5, ESLint 8, PostCSS 8 ...

4. New algorithm for calculating the contrast in WCAG 3

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) is a standard for web accessibility, especially for people with disabilities. The next version of WCAG 3, which is currently a working draft, will bring a new algorithm for calculating the contrast APCA (Advanced Perceptual Contrast Algorithm). If you are interested in the improvements that the new algorithm brings, or the problems of the current algorithm, be sure to read this whole thread:

5. React Conf 2021

The React Conf 2021 conference was held in December 2021, the record of which can be found online and completely free of charge. If you are dedicated to React, you will definitely choose a lecture that will interest you. For example, you will find information about the new version of React 18, which is already in the RC (release candidate) state. This means that the new version will be available soon.

6. JSWORLD Conference 2022

The first major conference for JavaScript developers this year will be 9-11. February 2022. You can view it online and for free. On the first day, the lectures will focus on various topics in the JavaScript world. The next two days will be focused mainly on Vue.js developers.

Andrej NemečekFrontend Developer