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25K+ Slovaks voted for the best banking application of 2020. The winner is Tatra Banka!

For the 10th year in a row, Slovaks can choose their favourites in the tech world. In the category of mobile banking applications, Tatra banka won the gold!

The best mobile banking application in 2020

More than 26 000 readers took part in the annual reader survey. They could choose their favourites in seven categories. One of them is also a category of the best Banking mobile application.

In strong competition, Tatra Banka mobile application won the first place. Almost 32% of people involved, voted for it. We are extremely pleased with its success.

best bank mobile app
Source: Techbox

If you are interested in how the Tatra Banka mobile application is created, have a look at this case study. In GoodRequest, we have been developing this mobile application for iOS and Android now for more than three years.

Behind the scenes of creating a mobile application

The application combines great options for users with a superb mobile experience. Apart from the basic and most important functionalities such as account information, transactions or savings in one place. There are also unique possibilities brought by biometrics. Specifically, face and fingerprint recognition. The application is very simple, easy to use, convenient and safe.

A team of experts consisting of iOS and Android developers with the support of experienced management has been working on the development for a long time.

Currently, the application is used by almost half a million active users who rate it 4.7 * on the App Store.

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Tomáš VrabčekHead of projects & PMs