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Lucia Michalikova

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Selected work

We build digital experience that generates business value.



The largest online fitness centre in Slovakia.

-35 %

support tickets decrease


active Fitshaker fans

MOBILE, E-COMMERCE is the largest food delivery platform in Slovakia.


crash-free rate

50M €

aquired after 8 years

2.1k +

restaurants all over Slovakia


appstore rating with 22k+ reviews


“They use the latest technology, are constantly learning and are not afraid of challenges. I felt their energy and desire to work on the project from the beginning. At the same time, I would highlight their reliability, which is key for me. If there is a problem, they know about it and solve it before I even notice it. They have my great admiration for this promptness.”

Peter ŠvaralCo-owner & CEO, Fitshaker

We cooperate with GoodRequest for some years and I have to say that the cooperation goes beyond expectations. Guys have a profesional approach and take initiative in proposing innovations that helps us to advance in our business. They operate with motto: “nothing is impossible”.

Marek BučoProject manager,

About us

What makes us different?

100% in-house

We can build whole experience from idea, MVP to big solutions. We have large, scalable, in-house team consisting of designers, developers, project managers and QA testers.

Data driven

We don’t rely on guesses, instead we test & validate everything during the process. We make decisions based on research and data.


No matter what we do, we put people in the center of the process. We listen to their needs, emphasise and learn from them.

Custom tailored team

We work in cross-funtional teams build on client’s specific needs. Example of a team composition - desinger, developer, product owner, QA tester and client stakeholders.

Working in agile sprints

Our certified PM use scrumban metodology to manage our projects. We work in 1-2 weeks sprint. We have track record full of huge project from multiple industries.

Amazing collaborators

We invite you to be part of the team. Together with us, you will co-create ideas on workshops. All our work can be done 100% remote.