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The best Android apps for drivers (and for travelling)

You will know this, you buy a new device and want to download a mobile application to help you on the road or manage your car. However, when you open Google Play, you are overwhelmed by a number of applications from different developers. Therefore, we have prepared 8 android applications for you, which will solve your problem.

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Thanks to high performance and a wide range of quality sensors, modern phones are excellent replacements for classic car GPS. And the basic functions are also perfectly fulfilled by Google Maps, which is owned by Android device owners. But let’s look at better products with more functionalities.

Waze - GPS, maps, transport and live navigation

Many drivers can’t live without Waze, as the statistics show, the app has more than 100 million downloads. In addition to the classic navigation, you will get live information about the situation on the road in front of you. The application not only informs you about adverse situations such as congestion, repairs or accidents, but also changes your route and saves you time. In addition, other drivers can report police patrols along the route, a feature that is among the most popular among drivers.

In addition, you can install the application on the Android Auto, select the number of voices that will accompany you or find out the time of arrival, which will make your ride even more comfortable.

A preview of the functionality of Waze, a popular android app among drivers

Sygic GPS Navigation & Offline Maps

Sygic is one of the best online and offline navigation in the world, which is confirmed by the value of 4.6 * with more than 1.7 million ratings. I have no doubt that Sygic is a well-known company for many of you, apart from the fact that almost every driver has met it, it is also Slovak!

Although Sygic Navigation is a paid application, in many cases it is definitely worth the investment. The application provides maps of all countries of the world from top companies in the field, such as TomTom. In addition, thanks to a number of functionalities, such as the Head-up display, dynamic assistant, dashcam or connection to the Android car, you can drive safer and more comfortably.

Car care

Sygic Fuelio: fuel and costs

I will continue with another tool from Sygic. Thanks to the Android Fuelio applications, you can easily track the distance traveled, fuel consumption, fuel costs or fuel prices, and save money on several vehicles. In addition, users can look forward to clean design, extended cost statistics, such as service or cleaning presented in clear graphs.

Fuelio user interface with complete vehicle management functionality

eznamka for Slovak highways

For many drivers, it is certainly easier to buy a highway toll through a website or directly at gas stations. However, the eznamka mobile application allows, in addition to quick and convenient procurement of a motorway stamp, as well as checking the validity of stamps on several vehicles and the possibility to file a complaint or claim. It is mainly used by users who manage several vehicles, but remember to pay for a motorway toll at the last minute.

Bonus for owners of electric cars - ZSE Drive

The ZSE Drive mobile application provides users with information on the current charging status, the location of the nearest charging stations, as well as information on their availability 24/7. Using the application facilitates a consistent design with a web solution or functionality like charging using a QR code.

For a better ride

Android Auto

Android Auto is an app from Google itself that allows drivers to use the most popular Android apps for driving in a practical and safe way thanks to a simplified interface, voice assistant and bigger buttons. The app can be downloaded via Google Play, but owners of smartphones with Android 10 and above have the app pre-installed. You can launch the app on your Android device or mirror it to your vehicle's display, with more than 500 vehicles currently supporting Android Auto and counting.


Spotify is a classic that has been installed by more than a billion users through the Play Store. Thanks to Spotify, you can listen to millions of songs and podcasts for free from almost all artists, which come to mind. In addition, the handy Spotify algorithm will design playlists tailored to you and you can discover new music or podcasts. Spotify is also used through Android Auto.

Of course, not everything is "free" is free. Spotify will put a few commercials between songs. However, if you want to enjoy music continuously or offline, just buy a premium membership for 6 € or use a more advantageous family package (approx. 2 € / person). You will definitely miss offline music if you have a smaller data package or are going to countries outside the EU.


BlaBla car

Don’t like traveling alone? The carpool will solve it. The BlaBlaCar app is free and thanks to it you can easily find a partner for longer and shorter trips. With a few clicks, car owners can publish a ride-on offer, so you can enjoy the trip with community members and share the cost of the trip. In addition, in the application you can view the profiles of members, their reputation in the community, or communicate directly with them.

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