21. Nov 2023Business

#grpartners: mobile client zone for PODA customers

Today's customers are looking convenience, quality, and seamless communication with service providers. That's why, in collaboration with the internet and telecommunications company PODA, we are developing a new mobile application to meet the current needs of customers.

Lukas HaluskaProject Manager

Experienced internet and telecommunications provider

Our Czech partner, PODA, has grown from a small provider in Ostrava over the past 26 years to a stable company with more than 110,000 connected households and businesses. This success is not only due to their quality services but also thanks to their distinctive, human approach to customers that sets them apart from the competition. Now, with the ambition to elevate the quality of customer services even further, our collaboration begins: our common goal is the creation of a mobile application. This application will provide users with a simple and efficient way to manage all activated and available services.

Design and development of the customer portal in the mobile application for PODA

The goal of our collaboration is to create a mobile application that will cover the entire client zone and offer users a simple and efficient way to manage all activated and available services.

The initial challenge of the project was the need for an intuitive design, which involved two major research phases – at the beginning and at the end of the project. To ensure a significant improvement in the user experience, we needed to get feedback. Therefore, we conducted user testing directly with PODA's customers. Based on the results, recommendations were made, which were then implemented.

After successful design and research, we began the technical analysis. Currently, we are in the development phase of the mobile application, which will be available for iOS and Android mobile platforms. The mobile application will bring users dynamic notifications and a detailed overview of their account, including packages and services. Additionally, customers will have the ability to review current billing and pay invoices directly through the application. Access to service functions and diagnostics, ensuring their maximum satisfaction, will also be provided.

We believe that through the new mobile application, we will contribute to increasing customer satisfaction and strengthening the company's position in the market.

Lukas HaluskaProject Manager