#grpartners: internal mobile application for the Kia Slovakia
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July 11, 2022

#grpartners: internal mobile application for the Kia Slovakia

Tomáš Vrabček
Tomáš Vrabček
Project Manager
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Internal communication and employee satisfaction is really important for Kia Slovakia, which is confirmed by our new product! We will not lie, creating a communication tool for about 3,700 is not easy, but we have succeeded and the results are here. '

The motor vehicle production plant of the multinational company KIA is one of the largest employers in Slovakia. Already during the summer of 2021, we informed you about the cooperation in the development of an information system for obtaining feedback from KIA Slovakia employees. This time we come up with an application for internal communication within the KIA plant.

The latest information are just click away thanks to the mobile application for internal communication

The new mobile application for iOS, Android and HarmonyOS ensures the company's internal corporate communication with employees. Thanks to the human-centered design, the mobile application is built with the needs of employees in mind. Within the application, users will find all important information together thanks to a wide range of functionalities.

Employees can easily find out all the information about their work thanks to a newsletter, their own work profile, a calendar of changes and a wallet with payslips. Within the application, employees can also conveniently view the menu in the canteen, find available benefits or search for bus connections.

To make long moments more enjoyable, users have access to entertainment in the app thanks to internal podcasts, radio and photo galleries. In order to increase employee satisfaction and streamline communication, we implemented live chat with HR, a proposal form and contacts.

An important part of the solution is also the administration interface, which enables simple and efficient adding of news, updating of data and communication with employees.

Technologies used

  • UX/UI - Figma
  • Android - Kotlin
  • iOS - Swift
  • Backend - Node.js
  • Frontend - React
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