21. Nov 2023Business

#grpartners: Flexible pay system WageNow

Another great collaboration in the Fintech world, this time with the startup WageNow. In partnership with the WageNow team, we have introduced a revolutionary earnings payment solution to the business environment that transforms traditional approaches to payments and helps employees achieve financial stability without stress.

Lukas HaluskaProject Manager

WageNow is a pioneering startup that has changed the way people approach their salaries. Their innovative solutions allow employees to flexibly collect pay for worked days. This increases financial well-being and productivity for employees without increasing staffing costs for employers. In addition, WageNow actively engages in providing education and tools to improve financial literacy, helping people make better financial decisions for the future.

Our role? Design and development of the web application.

Our collaboration began with the creation of designs. The goal of our designers was to create a visually appealing user interface that appeals to users, especially in terms of its intuitiveness.

During the project, there was also a request for onboarding for new members. This part allows new users an easier entry into the application and, of course, to quickly and easily navigate the application and its features, which contributes to a better user experience.

The development of the web application was covered by both the frontend and backend. Our frontend developers took care of creating a responsive web interface for the application, ensuring that the application is fast and compatible with various browsers and devices. Thanks to them, users can easily access the WageNow and use WageNow's features. On the other hand, our backend team ensured a stable and secure environment. They ensured efficient and secure data management and the smooth operation of all application functions.

Thanks to this collaboration, we have contributed to the fact that WageNow has been on the market for over a year now, providing innovative solutions to businesses and their employees.

Lukas HaluskaProject Manager