#goodroidtips III. - Tips for Android developers
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February 10, 2022

#goodroidtips III. - Tips for Android developers

Peter Šuly
Peter Šuly
Android developer
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A regular section in which I will share with you current and useful tips and tricks from the world of Android development. :)

Just to be sure you haven't missed all the tips and tricks for Android developers check out #goodroidtips I. and #goodroidtips II.

🐱‍💻 New version of the Android Studio ! 🐱‍💻

With a new version of the Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA decided to start versioning its environment with a new system. First version will be called Arctic Fox 🦊 (2020.3.1) and the others will follow in alphabetical order. The numbers indicate the release year, the version of the IntelliJ platform, and the version of the AS itself.

With the new year, Android Studio also brought several tweaks, such as:

  • New options in the Layout Validation Tool
  • Possibility to connect devices via WiFi using QR code (so far only for macOS, other platforms will follow soon).
New version of the Android Studio Artic Fox

📱Android App Bundles 📱

Wondering how to shrink size of your app with the Android App Bundles? The developers at Google have introduced a series of videos in which you can learn everything that interests you. ❓

  1. In the first video, you will get acquainted with the basics of AAB, you will learn what it is and why it is important for your application. ➡️ Introduction to App Bundles - MAD Skills
  2. Learn more about Play App Signing in the series ➡️ App Bundles: Everything to know about Play App Signing - MAD Skills
  3. You will also learn more about how to work with AAB within Android Studio ➡️ App Bundles: Building your first app bundle - MAD Skills
  4. what are your AAB testing options ➡️ App Bundles: Testing bundles with bundletool and the Play Console - MAD Skills

The Android App Bundles will be a mandatory part of the release of new applications from August this year, so don't hesitate for a long time and learn more too!

Mad Skills App Bundle tips and tricks for android developers

📚 New Library of Material Design Componets! 📚

Creating an app with a dark mode or with perfect animations on Android is not a easy task, the change came with the introduction of the Material Design Components (MDC) library, which is a another theme in the Mad Skills series.

  1. To begin with, you'll learn why you should use MDC as a developer, what the library should make easier for you, and what best practices are when using themes and styles. ➡️ Why use Material Design Components? - MAD Skills
  2. More videos will focus on theming apps ➡️Material Design Components: Material Theming - MAD Skills
  3. Special on a dark mode ➡️ Material Design Components: Material Theming - MAD Skills
  4. The last episode focuses on the implementation of Material Motion animations for Fragments, Activities and Views ➡️ Material Design Components: Material Motion - MAD Skills

By incorporating a dark mode and beautiful animations, you can take the user experience to another level! ⬆️⬆️⬆️

New Library of Material Design Componets tips for android develeopers

🚀 Kotlin & Jetpack 💪

🚀 Another Mad Skills wrap-up is here, this time on the theme of Kotlin and Jetpack.

1️⃣ In the first episode, we will learn how to facilitate development by using Kotlin extensions (KTX).

➡️ Kotlin extensions (KTX) - MAD Skills

2️⃣ The second episode will explain how it is possible to link existing code based on callbacks using callbackFlow.

➡️ Kotlin: Simplifying APIs with coroutines - MAD Skills

3️⃣ In the third episode, we can look at the basics of working with Room, but also how to use the Room database together with coroutines Flow.

➡️ Kotlin: Using Room Kotlin APIs - MAD Skills

4️⃣ The last episode focuses on facilitating long-term background operations with WorkManager.

➡️ Kotlin: Using WorkManager Kotlin APIs - MAD Skills

mad skills wrap up of Kotlin and Jetpack for android developers

💸 Support of new developers on Google Play 💸

From July 1, Google will reduce the fee for selling digital products from 30% to 15% (just as Apple debugs in the AppStore) for revenues up to $ 1 million.

📈 Thanks to this change, 99% of developers will save 50% of expenses. Such a decrease in spending can be important for beginning developers, it can help them in this critical phase of the application life cycle.

new fees politics in google play store
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