10. Aug 2022Insight

Fuckups in IT vol. 2 – When marketing overtakes development or beware of scaling and load

Thanks to valuable advice and funny moments from the IT world, the Fuckupy v IT podcast has a special place among many listeners, not only in GoodRequest. It made me even more happy when I could become a part of it and share our experiences, twice.

In the first part, which I participated in, Matěj and I talked about our experience from more than 4 years ago, with the characteristic title, "Why wouldn't we be able to develop our own digital product?". What was it about in brief? After many successful projects for clients, we decided to develop our own digital product - Dashboard, but you can hear more about how it turned out in the podcast itself.

Where you can find problems, if marketing surpasses development and size of a project?

The mobile app for the Slovak hockey extraliga – Tipos Extraliga, is one of our regulars. The app was originally built as a "one-stop-shop" for content consumption, within the app users could find all the necessary information about the Slovak hockey extra league or their favorite team. Later, there was a request to expand the application with a gamification element - Fantasy league. But where did the problem itself arise? In short, in communication and the subsequent scaling of the project. However, in order not to tell you everything, you can hear more about the origin of the problem, our procedure for solving it and much more in the podcast.

You can listen to the entire podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts (in Slovak):

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Marek ŠpalekCTO