20. May 2022Insight

Fuckups in IT podcast: why wouldn't we handle our own digital product development?

The technology podcast Fuckups in IT is clearly one of the most popular and most listened to in GoodRequest. In addition to the many situations that are often rather funny, the listener will learn valuable advice and lessons from the lives of the professionals in the IT world.

This time the author and moderator of the podcast Matěj Kotrba invited me. I shared with the audience our experience from more than 4 years ago, when after many successful projects for clients we decided to develop our own digital product - Dashboard.

Pitfalls of own product development

Almost every service company has experienced this story and it was not different with us. In our case, it was a time tracking app. We managed to create an MVP that worked relatively quickly, but we did not think about it more deeply and did not look at the product in terms of available solutions and market requirements.

We implemented the dashboard and started using it, but for several reasons we were not able to actively develop the product. The development of new functionalities was mostly handled by developers who had time to do so, and many times it was juniors who joined the company, which in combination with several factors led to a gradual but unsustainable increase in technological debt.

In addition to the reasons why our own product failed, you will also learn in the podcast, as if we were approaching our own project now, what and why we would change, on what basis we decided to end the project and much more.

You can listen to the entire podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts:

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And for the curious, I found a preview of the Dashboard 👇

Marek ŠpalekCTO