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Frontend Briefly - News and insights from the world of frontend #6

A regular summary of the most important news, articles or tweets in the world of the front end is here! For the month of May, we have prepared the top 8 news that no frontend developer should miss. In addition, you will find links to other interesting articles that are worth reading.

1. Google I/O 2022

The Google I/O 2022 conference was full of quality lectures from web technology experts. I was most interested in the lecture What's new for the web platform, where there is a very well-summarized overview of web news. However, it is definitely worth looking at the other lectures. All are available on YouTube. You will definitely find a topic that interests you.

2. State of CSS 2022

The year 2022 brought a lot of news to the CSS. I have clearly seen the best overview of the news in the article State of CSS 2022. The aim of this article was not to go into depth, but rather to present news that has come recently or has yet to come to CSS. This article was created from a lecture on Google I/O, and the recording is available on YouTube.

3. When to use pixels and when em/rem ?

If you are also looking for an answer to the question of when to use pixels and when em or rem, then be sure to read the article by Joshua Comeau: The Surprising Truth About Pixels and Accessibility, where you will finally find the answer. I have read several articles that we should replace pixels with ems / rems. However, it is more complicated and the pixels still have their place here. We also addressed this in a typography article by our design team.

4. Reactathon 2022

You can find the recording of the Reactathon 2022 conference on YouTube, where lectures are gradually being added. The conference was full of interesting lectures from experienced web developers. I was especially interested in lectures on serverless and news in React 18. A complete live stream is also available:

5. Less known but useful CSS features

I also recommend you look at the article Lesser-Known And Underused CSS Features In 2022 about lesser known CSS features that deserve more attention. I've found some useful features that I didn't know before, but I'll be sure to use them soon.

6. State of frontend 2022

See the results of the survey on the state of the front end for the year 2022. In addition to the current state, you will also find trends that the world of the front end will take in the coming years. You will learn which technologies developers like to use, but also those they do not like. The survey was completed by 3703 developers from more than 125 countries.

Trends in the top 20 most used technologies from the 2022 State of the Frontend survey

7. RFC for Next.js

On the Next.js blog, you will find the newly introduced RFC for the largest update to the Next.js framework since its release. The news that this update will bring are, for example:

  • Nested Layouts
  • Upgraded Data Fetching
  • Support for React Server Components
  • Support for new features in React 18 for example: Streaming, Transitions, Suspense
  • etc…

You can find a more detailed overview of all the news in the article.

8. News in web browsers

For an overview of the features that got into the stable and beta versions of web browsers during May 2022, see the article: New to the web platform in May. If you use Google Chrome for development, see also the article on news in Chrome DevTools.

More articles worth reading

Several articles on accessibility


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