14. May 2021Insight

From childhood and school through the first startup to GoodRequest - Tomáš Lodňan in the JERGY talks podcast

Childhood, school, parents, activities and friends. All of this, in a way, shapes and affects more things in life than one would expect. I talked to Jerguš Holéczy about these and other business and non-business topics in the JERGY talks podcast.

Lately, I have had the space and opportunity to talk in several podcasts and interviews. I focused mainly on business (eg. in an interview for Forbes) or education and students who are interested in programming (eg. at the event Aj ty v IT)

However, this podcast with Jerguš Holéczy (JERGY talks, which is being created in collaboration with Aktuality podcast) was a little different. It was definitely the most personal interview I've ever had, and I've really enjoyed it.

As a teaser I pick some interesting topics for you:

  • my childhood, parents and school
  • what it's like to be a parent and an entrepreneur at the same time
  • my passion for rollerblading
  • about team management, sports and my passion for space
Tomáš LodňanCEO