GR8 Days 2021: 3 days, 80 people, ∞ of experiences
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March 10, 2022

GR8 Days 2021: 3 days, 80 people, ∞ of experiences

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GoodRequest Family
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At GoodRequest, we are constantly growing. New faces come to us from all over Slovakia or even different parts of Europe. The fact that we had to cancel, change and modify our teambuilding plans several times in recent months meant only one thing in September 2021: this had to be the most legendary teambuilding that GoodRequest had ever experienced!

GR8 day 1: Memories, news, discussions and team activities

Since wewere finally able to meet live after a long time (many even for the firsttime), there was a lot to catch up with. Teamwise and across departments. Itwas clear to us that it could not be done in a day, so we divided teambuildinginto two days. We started the first day in the Pancha Sky Bar in Žilina. Yes,the one you may know from our Christmas party.

In Pancha Skybar, we started the program at ten in the morning. Our CEO Tomáš spoke to us. From a few past photos and stories, we got to the future direction. When we saw it this way, we have really come a long way, but still quite a long ambitious way is in front of us.

Michal followed up on bold plans with bold news. Our Head of Design introduced the team to a long-prepared and long-awaited new brand, on which we collaborated with the GoBigname studio. We described the new GoodRequest brand, its story and idea in a separate article. It is worth reading.

The last item on the agenda before a nice lunch was a panel discussion. Anyone could ask questions, either throught Slido or simply just ask them in person. In addition to the direction of the team, the topic was also education or technology.

Thanks to the online broadcast, everyone found out about the news ☝

After discussions, we got to for many the most popular part of the day - lunch, which culminated into a sweet reward. It's not a party without a cake. 🤤

The first day continued in teams. Everyone directed their program differently. However, the goal was to provide and use space for what each of the teams lacked for many months of remote operation. That was probably enough, because for many the program lasted until late at night.

We've captured the first day for you through the eye of the camera⬇

GR8 day 2: Activities and a party for everyone 🎉

The next day we started in front of our Žilina office, from where the bus went directly to Terchová. Meeeting outside Google Meet was facilitated by an opening game led by our Head of People Katka.

After the first meeting, we rushed to replenish our strength in the restaurant. 💪 Without a good lunch, sports performances are difficult to achieve. During the day, activities such as a football tournament, a climbing wall, a rodeo bull and a table football tournament were waiting for us. Atmosphere, commitment, determination ... you can see everything in these shots 📷.

Football tournament

4 brave teams entered the football tournament. The situation after the tournament was as follows: the "GRambľavé Foot" (which we can loosely translate to messy legs )team won after a close 2:1 win. One player needed treatment and about 70% measured the hardness of the playing area. Glory to the winners, honour to the losers 👏👏

Climbing wall

In addition to football fans, you will also find many climbing fans at GoodRequest. Some are even certified climbing instructors. That's why we didn't miss the opportunity to visit the climbing wall. In this case, we rewarded the bravest 🏆. The award was given by as usual - our Roman - instructor and experienced Android developer in one.

Rodeo bull

Shake your feet and hands after football or a climbing wall? Try riding a rodeo bull. It's a real "massage". That's why we brought one to GR8 days. Even the most persistent have convinced themselves that the ride can be quite difficult 🐂.

Table football tournament

Table football was again one of the most popular activities. No wonder. In the office, many people managed to train. It was occupied throughout the day. In addition, the tournament met its champions at the end.🙂

Did someone say party? 

After a dose of exercise, wellness and refreshments, we started preparing for the dance floor. However, in order to maintain the quality of our performance, we first needed to receive training from the best 👇

In addition to the theoretical demonstration, we also received practical training as appropriate ⭐

This evening revealed many hidden talents. We danced and did not stop until the early morning 🌄.

See our heroic performances on the football field, climbing wall or dance floor 💃

It would be a shame to end this article with some cliché phrases. Let's end this on high note, we are already worried how we are going to outperform this. If you want to help us with it, or experience it - go ahead. Join us.

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