31. May 2024

GoodRequest: Winner of the healthy office category, Office of the Year 2023

For the eighth time, the expert jury under the auspices of CBRE Slovakia awarded companies that approach their team and workspaces responsibly through the Office of the Year initiative. Dozens of companies competed for the award in four categories.

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Office of the Year is the only project of its kind in Slovakia that focuses on comprehensive evaluation of the work environment from multiple perspectives – from architecture and biophilia to health and hygiene attributes, as well as technology, innovation, and corporate culture.

We are sincerely grateful, happy, and proud that the award in the Healthy Office category went to us at GoodRequest. This award is proof of our efforts to create a work environment that is not only aesthetically appealing but also supports the health and well-being of our team.

 Why did we win the award?

The expert and independent jury evaluated various criteria and conditions. Our office received the award for its focus on employee health and well-being. The jury considered criteria such as:

  • Abundance of natural light and live greenery
  • Spaces for relaxation, wellness, and physical activities
  • Design promoting regular movement
  • Airy and functional spaces
  • Building certification according to WELL standards

The place where we work is a reflection of our identity

Our goal was to create an office that combines design, technology, and people. We wanted our space to reflect our dynamism and create an environment for growth and innovation. The centerpiece of the entrance is a logo in a green wall made of live plants. This space extends into the conference room and dining area, which can be connected with a movable partition to create a large area for various company and social events.

We have created a healthy and sustainable environment that positively impacts our people. The interior combines earthy colors with wood, carpets, and glass. The space features plants and various types of seating, contributing to the comfort and productivity of our employees.

In designing our office, we emphasized our style and values. Common areas are decorated with values and patterns that reflect our brand and culture. There is also a relaxation room with activities and a bed, allowing us to recharge.

Our office is equipped with functional rooms such as a phone booth for private calls, a standing desk with a treadmill, and a creative space with a library and a hub.

The office is a "hub" for everyone, with many of us working remotely from different locations, making the navigational system crucial. Meeting rooms are recognizable by colors enhanced by paintings by Slovak artists, and there is a clear map of the space at the entrance. For the same reason, the Open Space is an important part, serving as a center for remote workers, GoodRequest Academy, or other educational initiatives for IT talents.

„The two-year relocation project into new spaces resulted in many solutions considering the health and comfort of demanding employees working in the IT sector. Their requirements and needs were heard and considered when designing the offices. The spaces feel human and friendly. They feature a live green wall and plenty of sunlight, which people can regulate. Employees also have access to a green roof with benches, a fountain, and a view of Žilina.“

Mgr. Michal Matloň,
architectural psychologist, theLivingCore.

See for yourself:


Thank you

We thank everyone who contributed to this success. We would like to thank Reinoo, which stands behind our office building, and Janka Lodňanová, who ensured the implementation of this project with immense dedication, creating an environment that will define GoodRequest for the next 10 years. We also thank the entire GoodRequest team and the people who contributed to creating our spaces – without your effort and cooperation, we would not have achieved this success.

Our thanks also go to the organizers, partners, and jury of the Office of the Year event. It is wonderful to be among such great projects and share this honor with other inspiring companies.

This award motivates us to continuously improve the work environment for our team, create great projects, and bring joy to the entire IT community. We believe that a healthy and inspiring environment is the key to satisfaction.

More views of our spaces:

Bruno GrinčMarketing