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There are never enough of good resources, especially in such a dynamic environment as an app development. That is why we have picked the selection of the best resources that our backend team watches just for you. If you miss any here, let us know, we will be happy to add it.

Martin DurnýHead of Backend

News in web development

Do you like watching the latest news in the field of web technology? In that case, be sure not to miss the Web Development section at infoworld.com.

Be sure to give the Daily.dev plugin a chance to provide you with up-to-date information from over 400 quality sources, over 200 topics and a customizable feed.

I don't know if Medium 📰 needs to be presented in any special way. For those who do not know, this is perhaps the most well-known open publishing platform, on which you will find a lot of useful information on perhaps all topics. This is the case with software engineering as well. Under this tag you will find more than 19k authors who are dedicated to technology, code, software architecture and, of course, website development.

Weekly newsletters

Are you looking for a regular newsletter from the world of web development? Node Weekly, JavaScript Weekly and Postgres Weekly will deliver news and articles on a weekly basis that you should definitely not miss. Together, these newsletters have more than 250k subscribers, but if you want to see their quality with your own eyes, you can look at the issues they have already sent before subscribing.

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Blogs from professionals

In our opinion, the community blog of the cloud provider Digital Ocean is one of the best blogs in IT ever. You will find a lot of useful tutorials and information for beginners, but also for advanced developers.

We will return to Medium, but this time for a look at the kitchen of Airbnb engineers and data scientists. On this platform you will also find The Netflix Tech Blog, where you will learn more about how Netflix designs, creates and operates its systems.

Are you interested in topics such as machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) or data engineering? Definitely don't miss the Uber Engineering Blog.

We certainly can't miss to mention the Google blog. You will find a lot of hot news from the world of Google, but especially those from Android to Cloud.

Twitter Tech

Do you know the DEV community? Don't miss their profile on Twitter, you will find a lot of useful news there.

If you are interested in Linux or Unix, you will definitely not regret if you follow Julia.

You will always find fresh technological news and analyzes for founders and startups on TechCrunch.

Martin DurnýHead of Backend