4. Jul 2022Android

#4 Kotlin Talks - The problem of immutability in Java, Kotlin and other languages

Through our Kotlin Slovakia user group, we brought you the fourth online event for Android developers. With the topic "Problem of immutability in Java, Kotlin and other languages", which was presented for the first time by our experienced Android developer Ján Kandrač.

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After a brisk introduction of himself, GoodRequest and a summary of organizational matters, Janči jumped into the chosen topic.

The problem of immutability in different programming languages

So what will you learn?

  • Why do we need immutability at all?
  • About the problem of references and immutability in several programming languages.
  • We will show you the mysterious concept of inline or value class.
  • What happens when you send an object as an argument to a function.
  • What is the risk of working with references and how to defend against these risks.


Did you miss the live lecture or just want to remind yourself of selected parts? Have a look at the presentation or a recording of the entire event 👇


What's next?

We constantly try to adapt the topics to what you will find useful and attractive. Therefore, we will be happy if you send us the topics that interest you. You can directly contact the leader of our Android team, Jozef Kňažko. If you don't want to miss any event, subscribe to our newsletter.

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