11. Apr 2022Android

#3 Kotlin Talks - Internal operation of suspend functions

As part of our Kotlin Slovakia user group, at the end of March we prepared the third online event for Android developers. This time with the topic "Internal operation of suspend functions" for advanced developers, which was presented by our speaker Android lead Jozef Kňažko.

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After a brief but great introduction of himself and GoodRequest, Jozef addressed the topic of suspend function. He chose this topic mainly because it is currently handled internally by our Android team and is it sure to suit many of you.

Internal operation of suspend functions

Many libraries and functions in programming languages are high-level and it often happens that programmers do not see into them at all. The task of this presentation is just to explain what is happening in suspend functions in Kotlin.


Did you miss us online or do you just want to go through some parts again? We have prepared a record of the whole event for you.

You can watch the recording of the event on our YouTube ⬇️

Do you want to meet us at another event?

This time we have the opportunity to see ourselves in person! Our Android guru Tomáš Paronai will take part in one of the largest IT conferences in Slovakia, CodeCon 2022, where he will deal with the topic of Jetpack Compose.

What's next? 

We definitely plan to return to the stage soon. We would like to adapt the topic to what will be useful for you. Therefore, we will be happy if you suggest the topics that interest you. You can contact the speaker Jozef directly. If you do not want to miss any event, subscribe to our newsletter.

Bruno GrinčMarketing