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DevOps engineer

Become part of a digital studio that creates products by combining human needs, technology and business. Our goal is to lead by example and create groundbreaking digital solutions that can stand the test of time, all together as a team. That's who we are. GoodRequest.

Our technologies:

  • OS: Ubuntu, Debian, Amazon EC2 Linux, CentOS
  • Kontajnerizácia: Docker, Kubernetes, Rancher
  • Web Server: Nginx, Apache
  • Cloud: Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean
  • Databázy: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, ElasticSearch, Redis
  • CI / CD: Github Actions, Bitbucket Pipelines
  • Monitoring: AWS CloudWatch


People always come first. It is important for us how they feel at work and we will always try to make it as pleasant as possible for them

  • The latest Mac Pro,or Dell XPS, cell plan and all the technical equipment you need
  • Training support from senior developers, regular code review, team meetups, participation in conferences and workshops
  • Free working time, no strict rules and micromanagement
  • English lessons and other professional courses
  • Possibility to work remotely or from one of our offices (ZA, LM, KE and BA)
  • English lessons and other professional courses
  • Multisport card
  • Legendary teambuildings, skiing, rafting, regular breakfast together, corporate hackathon
  • Financial contributions for weddings, childbirth, anniversaries
  • Referral bonus, interest-free loans, retirement savings

Clients and projects

Our partners are Tatra banka, Forbes, Fitshaker, Tipsport Extraliga, Bistro, ZSE Drive, KIA motors and many others.

The projects we work on are mostly long-term partnerships and we provide clients with solutions from the design phase to testing.

What do we expect from you?

Junior level

  • You are able to take a request from the development team and identify how it can be resolved
  • You verify the settings of development and deployment processes (branching model, application deployment)
  • You are responsible person with analytical thinking and you can effectively detect errors and solve them with colleagues's support
  • You don't have a problem with communication in team
  • You have the desire to learn new technologies and procedures and incorporate them into existing processes
  • Node.js basics are essential
  • If you have the basics of Express.js, React.js, Next.js, this is your big advantage

Medior level

  • You can take over a request from the development team and identify how it can be solved, implement the solution independently and verify its effectiveness
  • You can communicate with the development team the requirements for the operation of the application
  • You can prepare a new environment for an application, add a new application to an existing server, run the necessary applications in the Rancher environment (K8s) or as a Docker Compose container stack
  • You can set up and use the currently implemented CI / CD process
  • You can take over a request from the client and communicate a possible solution to him

Senior level

  • You are able to make decisions, proactively identify imperfections and implement solutions to eliminate them
  • You are able to prepare a new environment for the application, create and set up a new server, run the necessary applications in the Rancher environment (K8s, Cattle) or as a Docker Compose container stack
  • Taking into account the nature of the project, you are able to design and implement the infrastructure of the application, you are able to take into account relevant aspects of the application during the design, choose suitable operation and monitoring tools
  • You have experience with Kubernetes, you can set up an auto-scaling cluster, verify the status of the cluster, identify problems and solve them
  • You can design and implement CI / CD processes in the chosen tool
  • You can work with operating systems based on the UNIX architecture, you know the specific behavior of individual distributions
  • You are responsible, you have an analytical mind and you can effectively detect the error and solve it
  • You emphasize safety in your work
  • You have no problem with communication, you can present the proposed solutions to the client and defend them
  • You want to learn new technologies and procedures and pass on knowledge to colleagues in the team, you are interested in the advancement of the whole team
  • You master the basics of Node.js, Express.js, React.js and Next.js

Other details

  • Start date: By agreement
  • Employment type: Full time, Trade licence, 6h/8h
  • Salary: Mid-level from 2000 €, Senior from 2900 €

Hiring process

  1. Short screening call
  2. Interview with Veronika and Dušan
  3. Live coding with Dušan
  4. Welcome to GoodRequest! 

DevOps engineer

Žilina, Liptovský Mikuláš, Košice, Bratislava, Remote
6h/8h, Full time/ Trade licence

Join us

Dušan Dragula - DevOps team lead

"GoodRequest is made up of a team of people who are not looking for excuses, but solutions. We have common goals and we don't just look at ourselves, but what we can achieve together."

Perks & Benefits

And this is how we play it.


Financial benefits

We will motivate you to achieve not only professional, but also personal goals.


Tech equipment

Whether you are a team Android or a team Apple, we will provide you with the technical equipment of your choice.



Everyone is unique, so we will allow you to reconcile work with your individual lifestyle.


Personal development

Make the most of your talent and potential and we will help you acquire skills and knowledge.


Sports and health

We will support you in achieving physical and mental balance through sports activities and education.



So that we are not only good colleagues, but also friends, we organize several unforgettable events!


“We're bringing people and technology together not just only in our products. Everyone in GoodRequest has an opportunity to grow, learn and keep pushing forward.”

Marek ŠpalekCTO

Team & Culture

People-driven. In everything we do.

We're an amazing team with unusual culture, rich benefits & world-changing projects from Slovakia.