3. Apr 2024

Kickstarting Innovation in 2024

Do you remember the thrilling moment when you first held a smartphone in your hands? The world has transformed dramatically since then, with digital technologies permeating every aspect of our lives. The possibilities offered by the digital world are endless, and we at GoodRequest are dedicated to helping you explore them to the fullest.

How to innovate: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Identify the Problem

  • Observe: Notice common problems that people face in their lives, work, or leisure. 
  • Ask: Engage in conversations and directly ask people about their problems and frustrations. 
  • Analyze: Monitor trends and statistics to uncover broader issues affecting your target audience.

2. Choose the Right One

  • Urgency: Is it a problem that people feel daily and actively seek a solution for? 
  • Size: How big is the impact of the problem on people's lives? 
  • Solvability: Is there a real and affordable solution that can effectively solve the problem?

3. Validate the "Problem-Solution Fit"

  • Prototyping: Create a simple prototype of your solution to test it in practice. 
  • Feedback: Get feedback from real people affected by the problem. 
  • Iteration: Based on feedback, modify and improve your solution until it finds its optimal form.

4. Gradual Development and Growth

  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product): Start with a minimalistic version of the product that only includes "core" (basic) features. 
  • Collect Data: Track metrics and analyze user behavior to gain valuable insights into their needs. 
  • Adaptation: Based on data and feedback, continuously improve and expand the product with new features.

5. Remember

  • Solving Real Problems: Focus on problems that really make people's lives difficult and prevent them from achieving their goals. 
  • Constant Verification: Don't be afraid to experiment and test different solutions until you find the most effective one. 
  • Open Communication: Actively communicate with users to stay informed about their needs and expectations.

Watch a preview of a conversation with Lukáš Havlásek, Chief E-commerce & Innovations Officer Notino, Mária Hatalová, Head of Innovations at Tatra banka, and our CEO Tomáš Lodňan,which we organized on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of GoodRequest's foundation. (Slovak only)

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