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Our Unforgettable Adventure: The run from the Tatras to the Danube 2023

Imagine embarking on a gruelling 345-kilometer run from the majestic Tatras to the Danube. That's exactly the adventure our team of 11 determined runners took on.  In this article, we'll share our adventure with you, where we pushed our limits, laughed through the pain and crossed the finish line together.

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The beginning of our extraordinary adventure

The idea for this exciting journey was born early last year, thanks to our former colleague Veronika (hello from us! 👋). Veronika not only came up with this great initiative, but she also "sold" it to us so well that it immediately found its place on our shared bucket list. Now, you may be asking, what exactly this "bucket list" is that we're talking about? It's a place where anyone can add any idea and vote for the ones they like. It's our internal wish list.

However, enthusiasm alone isn't enough. From the inception of the idea to the start line in Jasna, there have been many planning meetings and training tips from our new team captain Tomáš 💪.

A test of our endurance and teamwork

But now to the actual event. Our almost 30-hour run was kicked off by our Katka at 9:20 in the vibrant center of Jasna. The atmosphere was fantastic, charged with excitement and determination from all participants 🔥.

This journey was incredible and more than just a race, it was a test of our endurance, mental strength, and teamwork. Emotions ran high, from pure euphoria to moments of complete exhaustion, and in some cases, questions "why did we sign up for this?" 😃. As they say, once you're up, once you're down. However, everyone gave their best in 29 hours, 41 minutes and 18 seconds. The situation was also complicated by the drop out of one of our team members just before the race, which required three members to run an extra stage in the relentless heat of the west. 

Running for so long time almost without rest is not a walk in the park - we faced challenges that tested our limits. But that's when our true selves shone through. We leaned on each other and constantly motivated one another to keep going 🚀.

Here are some photos from the run

Last but not least, a big honor to our captain. Every epic journey needs a leader, ours was Tomáš Kurať. He always supported us when we needed it the most. He sacrificed himself for the team without hesitation and we owe him a huge thank you 👏.

We must admit that everyone who participated in the run from the Tatras to the Danube really deserves respect and admiration.

Bruno GrinčMarketing