3. May 2022Insight

Knowledge sharing in GoodRequest: internal database workshop of QA and Backend team

Education is a key element in the success of any company. In the case of an IT company, this is without a doubt true. The digital age is evolving fast and therefore we have to go with the flow. At GoodRequest, education comes first. We all set personal development goals on a regular basis, but how do we meet these goals in all our day-to-day responsibilities?

Peter KoniarQA Tester

No need to look for excuses. During working hours, I need to set aside a space that I will devote daily or weekly to education. Only with this setting will you really find the time. But how can we help each other even more?

We make sure that we hold an internal workshop on this topic if several team members have the same training goal. In short, this means that a more experienced colleague in the field prepares several hours or a day of training, during which he tries to clarify the issue theoretically as well as practically.

The advantages of the internal workshop are:

  • We know and trust our more experienced colleague personally.
  • Time flexibility.
  • Practical part of one of the company's projects.
  • Friendly atmosphere.
  • Getting closer within the company.

A two-day training on databases was also in this spirit. Part of the QA team was aimed at taking database work to the next level. We needed to standardize the process of working with specific types of databases and learn the theory. Write your own scripts and help developers debug problems so that we can provide them with as much error information as possible in the report.

We gained an overview of various database systems, data types, keys and constraints. We also focused on understanding the most common problems that arise when working with the database. We verified all theoretical knowledge when writing our own queries and SQL scripts.

The workshop lasted for two days and was held in a good atmosphere, which helped us to tune in to the same wave and move the level of knowledge to a higher level. We are convinced that only continuous education will ensure the improvement of quality and the maintenance of our projects at the highest possible level.

Peter KoniarQA Tester