21. Mar 2024

#grpartners: cooperation with Partners, a leader in financial intermediation

Together with our client, the financial group Partners, we embark on a journey of digital innovation to further streamline client service. With over 300,000 satisfied clients at stake, we aim to bring further revolutionary solutions to the world of finance. Take a look at how we plan to enhance our partner's personal approach to customers through digitization.

Proven partner in the investment world - the financial group Partners

Partners is a leader in financial intermediation in Slovakia. With almost 17 years of market experience, they are known for their quality, innovation and, most importantly, professional approach. It is not only their high-quality services, but primarily their focus on the specific needs of clients that sets them apart from the competition. Their approach and professional services have garnered the trust of their clients, which is a clear testament of their consistency and quality. This is precisely why we have entered into cooperation with Partners, with the aim of elevating their internal tool to a higher level.

Improving customer service through digital innovation

Our collaboration originated from the need to innovate the internal tool used by intermediaries in their daily activities and customer service.  For Partners, their opinion and feedback are a priority and a crucial factor for the success of the project. This was evident right from the start of the collaboration, where an extensive survey was conducted with colleagues. Our common goal is to create a digital solution that will help to further streamline customer service on a daily basis.

The digitalization of processes brings with it many opportunities to streamline internal processes, save time, energy, and money. That's why we focus on relieving colleagues from time-consuming routine tasks so they can devote more time to activities with higher added value for the customer.

We are pleased to be part of a transformation full of innovation. We believe that our joint efforts will bring improvements to the services for the clients of financial group Partners. We look forward to the common challenges, but also to the results, which we will share with you soon.


Jozef BalážikGrowth Strategy Analyst