7. Oct 2022Insight

GR8 Days 2022 - Unforgettable experiences from the heart of our mountains

Slack? Meet? Around? Definitely not this time! Almost a hundred members of our GoodRequest Family met in person at our biggest event of the year. What did this year's GR8 Days look like in the heart of the Low Tatras?

Bruno GrinčMarketing


We've started the days at 10:30 a.m. with a speech by our CEO Tomáš, through which he gave everyone a few insights and news that await us this year or next year, there is definitely something to look forward to 😉.

After the opening words, we rushed to recharge our batteries at a joint lunch. After all, quality performance is difficult to achieve without lunch. And there were so many activities where we needed energy. During the day, everyone found something that interested them. From a football tournament, lightning talks to a dance course or board games. What was the atmosphere like? Hopefully you can absorb it from several photos. 📷.

Football tournament

A timeless classic that has many fans ⚽️. Of course, it is no different here, and the football tournament has earned an "honorable" place in our program. Or as they say "If something ain't broke, don't fix it.".

This year, 4 teams participated in the tournament, but only one could become the winner. The team with the name "FC Winners", that aged well, famously won. Congratulations to the winners 🏆.

Lightning talks

We had a few news to share this time. We included lightning talks in the program, in which our experienced fighters shared their wisdom with us. The range of topics was really wide. Dušan prepared a practical workshop on plastering for a fraction of price on the market. Roman dedicated a presentation to traveling around Iceland - cheaply and still of high quality. Janči opened up the world of investments and showed us useful tools, and at the end Tomáš gave us a motivational talk about triathlon and its training 💪. As you can see, every topic found enthusiastic listeners, we definitely recommend this format 🚀.

Mountain Rescue Service

We love mountains - that is certainly true for many of us. You will find many enthusiastic hikers/bikers etc. in GoodRequest. And we all know that as beautiful as mountains are, they can also be dangerous and unpredictable. Even more interesting for us was the lecture, discussion and competition in patient rescue and transport 🚑 from the professionals.

Electric scooters

Do you want to join the mountain scooter club 😅? Join ours! It looks like we already have founding members! Thanks to off-road e-scooters, many of us discovered more of the beauties of Veľká Fatra.

Dancing school

Move your hips, stretch your muscles and learn new movements. An activity packed with benefits, tailor-made by a dancing tigers before the dance floor heats up in the evening 💃.

A dance course with professional lecturers was hard to refuse, even our guys and gals couldn't resist it 🕺. Was worth it? You can see in the photos that it was difficult to get them off the floor for a while.


Food, food, food. Good food makes you feel good, right? (Certainly in our case 😅). And I must say that we really had a lot to choose from - excellent grilled specialties for everyone. From traditional flavors to specialties, for vegans and meateaters. Everyone could find their own🤤.


The highlight of the program, the crem de la creme - our legendary party 🪩. It wouldn't be the same without the right party. As you can see, our experienced dancers and their students rocked the dancefloor. These photos destroy the prejudices about "boys." There was no shortage of dancers on the dance floor here. Graceful movements decorated the floor until the early morning 🌄 .

People are the most important thing we have at GoodRequest and we make no secret of that. After well-performed performances throughout the year, each of us deserves a break, and we are even more pleased that we were able to rest together, get to know each other and, in many cases, see them live for the first time.


Bruno GrinčMarketing